Making Over $141K, Minneapolis Mayor Thanks Biden For Student Loan Forgiveness

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 02, 2024 - 08:55 PM

If you weren't already infuriated by Joe Biden's exploitation of the federal student loan program as a means of buying votes and redistributing wealth, this should do the trick. 

On Wednesday, Minneapolis Mayor Melvin Carter -- who earns makes takes $140,814 a year before benefits -- rushed to Twitter to thank President Biden for erasing his remaining student debt, sharing a screen shot showing his outstanding balance had turned to zero. 

The latest drip in the fiscal Chinese water torture that's being inflicted on responsible, productive Americans came earlier that day, with Biden announcing he was cancelling another $7.7 billion of debt. With that, the total such debt wiped away by his administration has reached $167 billion.  

After emphasizing that the average beneficiary of Biden's self-serving abuse of taxpayers has had $35,000 in debt forgiven, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre fielded a challenging question from, of all sources, NBC News. Correspondent Peter Alexander asked, "Why don’t those individuals who didn’t receive $35,000 in debt cancellation deserve a $35,000 check from other Americans for what other means they would want to use it?" 

Jean-Pierre's struggle to rationalize the debt-forgiveness fiesta resulted in a comical, leftist word-salad: 

Most notably, Jean-Pierre said, "We're talking about folks who are in debt who are literally being crushed." We doubt that characterization applies to Mayor Carter, who's pulling in $141K by himself in a two-income household -- not counting a city-taxpayer-furnished car, cell phone, pension and deferred compensation

If he was being "literally" crushed, it's safe to say it's because he and his OB/GYN nurse wife made a series of poor financial decisions. Either way, he doesn't deserve to have his net worth elevated by distributing the cost to other members of society -- including future ones. And neither does anyone else. 

In early April, Biden announced a five-pronged proposal for even more student debt forgiveness. A UPenn-Wharton analysis pegged the cost at $84 billion, and noted that the proposal would "relieve some longer-term student debt for about 750,000 households making over $312,000 in average household income." 

We're guessing Team Biden might have mixed feelings about Mayor Melvin's tin-eared, highly-public thank you. It's not playing well in Peoria...