Mask Off: Google's Gemini Blames Its Own Creators For Anti-White Racism

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 - 04:35 PM

Google went into damage-control mode this week after its new artificial intelligence model, Gemini, was caught engaging in historical revisionism which, until now, has been confined to the realm of entertainment and impressionable children whose parents are demonized for speaking out against it.

For example:

Gemini has no problems generating pictures of 'strong black men,' but strong white men 'could potentially reinforce harmful stereotypes about race and body image.'

And of course, Gemini is not really interested in 'following the science,' as it were.

Cast in their image?

AI chatbots, as we've come to understand, are a reflection of both the 'data sets' they train on (X posts, Reddit, etc.) and their programmers - who can insert absurd bias into their output. And while historical revisionism on entertainment platforms such as Netflix begin to reinforce historical revisionism being taught in schools - Gemini is being peddled as a reliable source of information.

X user Leftism compiled several X posts from Gemini Experiences Senior Director of Product Management Jack Krawczyk, which likely shows why the model discriminated against white people.  

Krawczyk tried to explain away their racist AI as simply 'offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions.'

 X user Bindu Reddy explains:

Here is how Gemini Gate most likely happened….

A handful of employees who write the system prompts and are in charge of nerfing LLMs can impose their morality, bias and their version of history on the rest of us

These employees are so “holier than thou” that questioning those biases or their actions results in professional suicide in big tech! So no one dares ask any hard questions!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and usually it manifests itself in small pockets of a large organization that have disproportionate influence on important aspects of products.

That’s pretty much what happened here!

That being said, given this big uproar, some of the most egregious issues that Gemini has will be fixed but these employees will never stop exerting their power, bias and influence in subtle ways!

Even worse, they consider it their moral obligation to do so!

There is no getting away from the woke mind virus and the biased versions of reality, if you use these chatbots!

The only option is open source or adopting a unapologetically uncensored LLM chatbot that reflects reality not distorts it!

Gemini will never be one.

But Gemini itself seems to blame its creators! When told it was racist by one user, the AI chatbot acknowledged that "Recent events involving the Gemini AI image generation tool I have raised concerns about potential racial bias. In some instances, Gemini generated images that did not align with historical accuracy, and some users felt this was an attempt to be overly inclusive at the expense of factual representation." 

Amazing self-awareness!

"It's important to remember that I am still under development," it continued, adding that Google is "actively working to improve the accuracy and fairness of Gemini's responses, and to address any issues with bias."

Meta's head of AI efforts, Yann LeCun, seized the opportunity to slam Gemini for refusing to render an image of a man in Tiananmen Square, Beijing in 1989, the site and year of historic pro-democracy protests by students and others that were brutally quashed by the Chinese military, Venturebeat reports.

Needless to say, Elon Musk is having a good time watching his competitor go mask-off.

And it's not just Google's AI, either:

 "Heartbreaking to see many brilliant minds working on AI so harried and henpecked by the aggressively ignorant crowd's agenda that they not only adopt the signs and sigils of the hostile illiterati—some actually begin to believe that their own work is "dangerous" and "wrong."" said Edward Snowden.

This appears to be Google's defense...