"We Need You To Be Momala" - Drew Barrymore Slobbers Over VP Harris

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Apr 30, 2024 - 01:25 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

Hollywood lifetimer turned shit-lib talk show host Drew Barrymore told Vice President Kamala Harris Monday that America needs her to give everyone a big hug and be their ‘Momala’.

Sitting awkwardly close and fawning so much that even Harris herself seemed a bit weirded out, Barrymore said, “I’ve been thinking that we really all need a tremendous hug in the world right now, but in our country, we need you to be ‘Momala’ of the country.”

And what was Harris’ considered response to this statement? 

“Mmm, yeah, I mean, yeah, no, I know.”

Hold on tight before you press play:

Barrymore then added “as a woman who respects so much, and wants to share — wants to be confident, and has no ounce of meat that has competitiveness yeah when we lift each other up we all rise.”

Come again?

Just when you thought the peak of the cringeometer had been reached, Barrymore then started to cry.

The rest of the conversation focused on Harris’ stupid laugh, laughing at everything even as the country is being destroyed, and MacDonald’s ketchup.

Just the big issues.

If you want to torture yourself a bit more, here it is:

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