For Memorial Day, Imagine Speaking To Those We Once Honored, Like These...

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, May 27, 2024 - 04:20 PM


This Memorial Day, imagine speaking to them.

Imagine briefing them on what has become of America, then asking, “Is this what you died for?”

Imagine their reaction.

Imagine, for example, speaking to the 16 dead Marines named on the memorial behind barriers at the former Marine training camp in Chicago, now housing illegal migrants.

Imagine, for a start, explaining today’s crime on our streets, our politicized legal system, woke indoctrination in the military, government censorship, the assault on free speech, the Palestinian flag raised over Daley Center in Chicago, the foreign influence peddling conducted in open view by a president and his family and the Venezuelan gang members arrested in Chicago, deportation of whom was thwarted by federal or local policies. Imagine telling them, whose motto was “Leave no man behind,” about the Afghanistan withdrawal process.

And imagine telling them that millions from many nations, including our enemies, are entering unchecked through an open border.

Those Marines’ survivors can only squint through the gates to see the abandoned memorial at the migrant center.

I took these pictures Sunday of the converted migrant facility at 3034 West Foster in Chicago. You can see the memorial only through the iron gates in the front.

The memorial to the Marines, inaccessible and barely visible behind the locked gates.

Trespassing signs are everywhere.

Most of it the facility is covered in blinds to prevent pictures.

Readers here who told me they tried to film it say they’ve been chased off.

Many of the migrants deserve pity and compassion, but if they entered illegally they must return home or to where they will be legally accepted. We have no other choice.

Honor the dead by imagining you could speak to them, but do not say “Happy Memorial Day.”