Moelis & Co Acknowledges Investment Banker Involved In Brooklyn Pride Altercation

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 10, 2024 - 06:45 PM

A video making its way around social media shows a very short clip of a man in a sports coat punching a biological woman, or possibly a man pretending to be a woman, at the Brooklyn Pride event in Park Slope. 

Social media users have identified the man as Jonathan Kaye, a managing director who leads the business services franchise at Moelis & Co.

The issue with the ten-second clip is that it needs to include all the events leading up to the exchange. Six seconds into the clip, there is a notable wet streak across Kaye's jacket, where he tells the other Pride partygoers, "She fucking threw shit all over me." 

Kaye is a famous man on Bloomberg this morning.

"Wrong. This look like a black woman? Jonathan Kaye (Moelis) punched a white trans dude who harassed him and threw alcohol on him (which is assault, since it can be lit on fire). Therefore, this is self-defense. White man is not = black woman, LOL," one X user said. 

"We have become aware that one of our employees was involved in a serious incident in Brooklyn on June 8.  We take this matter very seriously and are conducting an investigation," the New York-based investment bank spokesperson told The New York Post. 

For those asking the question...

It's very convenient for the person filming only to capture the moment Kaye punches the 'person' and not show the events that led up to the incident.