The New American Credo: When The Truth Hurts, Lie

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 20, 2023 - 09:20 PM

Authored by T.L. Davis,

When the truth exposes a catastrophe, it’s better to avoid the truth.

This is how the leftist world works. Whether it is economic, social or military, the government has turned it’s back on the truth.

The truth of the invasion through the southern border is not being told. None of it, not the physical aspect, not the financial aspect, the national security aspect, the logistical aspect and not the demographic aspect.

You can find the information, that’s how we know that only the lies are being told to the nation.

It’s bad. Yes, it’s bad, but it’s also a violation of national security and anyone associated with it from Mayorkas all the way down to the junior border patrol agent is guilty of treason. Nothing less and I know that bothers some good people, but this surpasses those feelings. The damage being done to this country, to the people in it and the burden it places on the economy, the taxes lost, the private economic assets of these hotels in which so many are being warehoused shifting from private enterprise to government liabilities is unforgiveable.

The U.S. Treasury is being looted for their benefit and political money laundering on a massive scale until the bonds can no longer be sold to other nations or corporations that see the writing on the wall. The bond rating has been rightfully downgraded from AAA+ to AAA- and should actually be AA+ or effectively junk, because no one believes they will ever pay them off. This places the banking system and the industries who depend on it in jeopardy from rising interest rates and no one says a word about it, because to acknowledge it would be to recognize our economic demise. To recognize that would be to understand the completely broken nature of the whole system. Vote for whoever you want, the financial and therefore the political structure is unsustainable, by any party no matter who controls the government and the further left the party is, the quicker it will be done.

I wish more people would understand that the union is already dead and the corpse is being shocked to life just enough to extort tax dollars from the people. There is no republic, we’ve been dealing with the shattered remains of it for seven years. The illegals are being brought in partly to punish the people for exerting their own authority and electing Trump and partly to satisfy big donors and their thirst for cheap labor. So much so is this true that Biden recently demanded that industries hire illegals. I’m not saying there are no other benefits of it, but it’s intended to show the people if they won’t accept the globalist raping of America, they will bring in people who will. That’s how little they consider themselves Americans. They are globalists first and foremost and the little whitewashed parade in San Francisco with Xi, was a demonstration of how loyal they are to China, not the United States. Good Lord, how obvious do they have to make it? We settle for their allegiance to be shifted to a foreign nation and we still can’t utter the word treason or enforce it by proper measure?

The one undying theme from the government apparatus is that not one penny can be spent to appease the attitudes or desires of the American people.

Billions can be spent humiliating, denigrating, robbing, surveilling and framing them for crimes, but not a penny for them or what they want. You don’t appease slaves or they’ll start thinking they run the plantation.

The sooner the individual states recognize that they’re aboard the Titanic after the iceberg, the better. Instead of looking at all of their citizens as dual citizens, they would be wise to recognize that loyalty to their state is primary and only statutorily to the United States Government. The tax revenues not spent paying the service on the debt would be better put to use shoring up their own states against the massive social unrest brought upon them by the reckless federal government.

While federal officials are spending the national treasure like a drunk stumbling around a strip club with the corporate credit card, they are building toward an economic implosion never before envisioned. The only way FDR was able to use government programs to try and relieve the unemployment in the nation (though I can argue the true purpose) he did so with a debt to GDP ratio of 21.96%, now the debt to GDP is 120%, federal debt is $36 trillion, with $2 trillion annual deficits and will likely pay $1 trillion per year in interest on that debt with not nearly enough in the House or the Senate who recognize the ship is taking on water, much less that the stern is nearly submerged.

Add to that the millions of potential terrorists roaming around the nation with re-fillable bank cards being paid out of that same credit card in the strip club and you’ve got a serious problem. I know this chaos is what they want because they’re arrogant enough to think they can handle it, to manage the terrorist attacks to impose martial law and reboot the nation with communism, but when they fail, the states will have to make the move to independence or fall in line with Xi Jinping.

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