"No One's Got To Me... I Ain't Scared Of Sh!t" - NYC Trucker Boycott Leader 'Chicago Ray' Steps Down

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 - 09:00 AM

Authored by Chet Nagle via "Chet Nagle's Now Hear This" on Substack,

Chicago Ray, the trucker who ignited the righteous anger of his fellow truckers and of millions of other Americans, has stepped down from his boycott leadership. Does that mean the end of the trucker boycott of New York City?

Chicago Ray was angry about the astounding $350 million fine that New York Judge Engoron levied against former President Trump in the recent fraud case. But what Chicago Ray, the truckers, and so many Americans were really angry about was our corrupt judicial system and the evil overlords who created it.

We the people know what happened to Chicago Ray. Despite his denials, the enforcers of the Deep State made a phone call or left a message under the windscreen wipers of his truck like, "Boycott Boy, you gonna have a bad accident before your haul is over." Or they made a call to his cell phone like, "If you don't end this boycott bullshit your family and home will be gone when you get back home."

You can almost see and hear those threats when Chicago Ray posted, "I took that video down from Friday because it went viral and my Grandson seen it on Tik Tok."

Newsweek reported Chicago Ray took down his original post and posted a new one on Monday "in which he distanced himself from the boycott calls and stressed that he was not encouraging anyone to do anything." That post was also later deleted, but a screen grab of it was shared (with Newsweek) by the progressive MeidasTouch in which he said, "Just to be clear… I'm no figurehead of any movement..."

Newsweek also reported Chicago Ray said, "I'm not leading, nor have I encouraged, or am I encouraging anyone to do anything other than what they were doing prior to the ruling on Friday in New York City."

Does that sound like the way trucker Chicago Ray talks, or does it sound like someone dictating a statement to him?

Chicago Ray also posted, "No one's got to me ... I heard what drivers were saying and I'm hearing some of that today, I ain't scared of s--t. I grew up in Chicago. I stand with Trump 100%. Truckers for Trump drivers can make their own decisions based on their families and their careers." But then he took down that post too.

As of noon Monday, the Freightwaves SONAR platform that tracks inbound and outbound truckload freight tender rejections into and out of New York City shows no reductions in truck traffic. Nevertheless, I am getting some confirmations of truckers and trucking companies that are refusing loads for the city. If those refusals amount to as much as 10% of the usual daily traffic, New Yorkers will experience a massive surge in prices for food, fuel, and other essentials. Chaos will reign in the Big Apple.

So the boycott is not dead yet, unless the Deep State enforcers reach beyond threatening Chicago Ray and begin to threaten individual truckers and trucking companies – and you better believe they will try to do just that.

In 2022 the Canadian government froze the bank accounts of truckers in the Freedom Convoy who were protesting Canada's Covid vaccine mandates by using their trucks to block the streets of their capital, Ottawa.

But freezing the bank accounts of truckers boycotting New York City would be difficult because the Deep State henchmen and bureaucrats might have difficulty in quickly identifying specific truckers who quietly refuse to take loads into the city. Instead, the Deep State could menace trucking companies with one regulation or another and threaten to suspend their licenses.

The corrupt federal and state regulators and bureaucrats and courts will think of something. But they will be racing against the clock to avert the chaos in New York City. What could they do to truly end the boycott? Could the New York Governor step in as did the governor of Colorado in 2021? Could Judge Engoron be persuaded to revise his fine?

Or could we the people, we who are the many against the few, finally make our voices heard?

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