NY Gov. Hochul Suddenly Shifts Gears On Illegal Immigration As Her State Is Overrun

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 02, 2023 - 11:20 PM

Only a year ago NY Governor Kathy Hochul adamantly supported illegal immigration, and some argue she encouraged it by stating publicly that New York was "desperate for workers" and that the migrant were "good for the economy."  However, as NYC and the state in general is being overrun with hundred of thousands of illegals, suddenly the governor has changed her tune - Now she believes at least "some restrictions" should be put in place to limit the number of people who enter the country. 

The abrupt change of heart follows a swiftly derailing situation in the sanctuary state, as local governments struggle to house and feed the surging invasion of asylum seekers demanding access to welfare services.  Reports from a year ago should have made the outcome obvious, with Illegals canvassing door-to-door in NYC asking for handouts and homeless shelters packed to capacity.  At the time, Hochul was more concerned with wristbands put on migrants bussed from Texas that had barcodes designed to show that they arrived safely to New York, calling the practice inhumane. 

Today, Democrats from Washington DC to New York to Chicago are finally getting a taste of their own Robitussin and they really don't like it.  The concept of open borders and sanctuary cities was perfectly acceptable to them, as long as they never had to deal with the direct consequences.  How quickly people adjust their thinking when the crisis they caused is on their doorstep.