NYC Mayor Adams Abruptly Cancels Border Trip After DHS Warns Of "Safety Concerns" 

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 25, 2024 - 11:45 AM

Mayor Eric Adams abruptly canceled his trip to the southern border on Sunday after the US State Department flagged "safety concerns" amid a worsening border crisis. 

Local media outlet ABC 7 NY reports Adams was expected to leave Saturday night to tour the border area of Brownsville and McAllen, Texas, on Sunday. But DHS' intel warned the mayor against going. 

The spokesperson for NY City Hall told the media outlet: 

"Due to safety concerns at one of the cities we were going to visit in Mexico flagged by the US Department of State we have decided to pause this visit at this time. 

"We hope to continue our partnership with these nationally-recognized Latino leaders and organizations as we look for concrete solutions to resolve the crisis at the border."

Adams announced the trip last Thursday shortly after the nation was shocked by footage that showed a massive swarm of angry illegal aliens toppling a US National Guard checkpoint in El Paso. 

Since last summer, NYC City Hall has been ramping up efforts to show how the migrant influx in the five boroughs, swamped with 180,000 illegals, has sparked a massive financial burden for the metro area. Adams has pleaded with the Biden administration for financial assistance. The mayor even made it down to the Darien Gap, one of the world's most dangerous migration routes in South America, last fall, which was an attempt (all for optics) by his administration to dissuade migrants from coming to American cities.

The southern border is a disaster, but while everyone focuses on that, New York's northern border is also being invaded