PA Man Posts Video Of Decapitated Father On YouTube During Unhinged Manifesto Rant

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 31, 2024 - 02:15 PM

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If 2024 is anything like 2020 then the political tensions leading up to this year's presidential election will surely only intensify as the calendar inches closer to November. However, 2024 has a lot to live up to compared to the utter chaos that unfolded in 2020. While this year is unlikely to rival the scale of the chaos that unfolded in 2020, one Pennsylvania man may have lit the fuse needed to heighten hostilities between the right and left by providing the Biden administration with the fodder it needs to ramp up it's vilification of Trump supporters ahead of election day.

Justin Mohn is sure to be painted as the new face of right wing domestic terrorism following his unhinged political manifesto published to YouTube

Following the publication of a 14 minute, 35 second YouTube video in which he aired his grievances against the Biden administration and federal government en masse, Justin Mohn was arrested by Fort Indian Town Gap Police over 100 miles away from his home, near Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Mohn took to YouTube to broadcast his political manifesto titled Mohn's Militia - Call To Arms For American Patriots. The video was laden with incendiary rhetoric beckoning violence against the federal government, with fervent criticism of the leftist agenda he deemed was ruining the country. However, that was not the basis of the charges he was arrested for. Instead, Mohn was arrested in connection to the death of his father, Michael, after he began his YouTube broadcast by showcasing the severed head of his father following his decapitation.

According to Mohn, his 68 year-old father Michael had worked for the federal government for 20 years and in that time came to embody the corruption his manifesto deemed was ruining the nation. Mohn opened his video by stating  "This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country." before bringing his father's severed head wrapped in plastic into the frame. Mohn would go on to characterize the policies of the Biden Administration as acts of treason in their own right, highlighting the country's struggling economy, uncontrolled spending, insurmountable national debt, and failed immigration policy ushering in a "fifth column army of illegal immigrants invading the country", among other examples as facets of a concerted effort to destroy the United States from within.

Previously, Mohn had taken less extreme tactics in his self-declared rebellion against the federal government. After years of unemployment, Mohn chose to sure the government for allowing him to take on student loan debt. Mohn saw his professional maladroitness as cause for being awarded damages in the amount of $10 million, though no judgment was ever decided in his favor. That was not the only example of Mohn's proclivity toward being litigious. In 2019, he also sued his former employer Progressive Insurance for the lack of advancement in his career, claiming he had been discriminated again on the basis of his gender. When that suit proved to be to no avail, Mohn moved back with his parents from after having moved to Colorado following his college graduation.

The video was hosted on Mohn's YouTube channel which only had little more than a couple dozen subscribers before the manifesto was published. Due to the obscure nature of Mohn's channel, his video remained up for 6 hours, amassing nearly 4,800 views before the staff at YouTube which is so regularly engaged in censorship finally took it down. Furthermore, YouTube staff took the escalated measure of terminating Mohn's account, despite the on-going criminal investigation against him.

The remnants of Justin Mohn's YouTube channel

While not much of notoriety appeared on Mohn's YouTube channel before his last video, he had previously authored severeal books which are listed on While the one book is innocuously titled Poems I Wrote While Stoned, his other work gives more of an inkling into his political leanings. The second of his published works is titled America's Coming Bloody Revolution, foreshadowing the bloodshed that took place at his father's $390,000 home in Middleton Township, Pennsylvania that Mohn was still presumably living in. Another one of his books titled The Second Messiah: King Of Earth was described by Justin Mohn as being "loosely based on the author."

The murder of Michael Mohn was characterized by his son as just that -- an act of bloodshed intended to spark a political revolution. Justin Mohn characterized his father as "a traitor to this country" before opining that his soul was now destined for the innermost layers of hell which were reserved for those guilty of betrayal using language illustrative of Dante's Inferno.

Middletown Township Chief of Police Joseph Bartorilla confirmed a suspect in the death of Michael Mohn was arrested on Tuesday evening, hours before the YouTube video of his son showcasing his father's head video was finally taken offline. Law enforcement officials later confirmed that Mohn was transferred into their custody following his arrest near Harrisburg and is set to be arraigned.

In the wake of a tipping point in which the facade of the Biden administration has come crumbling down faster than the sections of the southern border wall breached by illegal immigrants whose influx has caused a crisis that even staunch democrats can't ignore, the political establishment is grasping for anything they can find to deflect attention away from its failures. Warhawks on Capitol Hill have latched onto an attack killing 3 US servicemen in Jordan in an effort to call for an attack on Iran to steer the spotlight away from the border. However, given the political momentum each of those crises gives to their opposition heading into the 2024 Presidential Election, permanent Washington is desperate for a story they can use to distract from their ineptitude by shifting back to the often used narrative that the gravest danger to the country isn't 4 more years of Joe Biden but the return of Donald Trump. In the past, characterizing supporters of Trump as unhinged white supremacists and right-wing domestic terrorists has served that purpose. While public sentiment supporting that claim has waned, Mohn's deranged political manifesto will surely be used to rekindle that fear mongering.