Passport Bros: Feminists Are Outraged At Men Going Overseas To Find Traditional Wives

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 11, 2023 - 10:55 AM

If there is one defining characteristic of the average western feminist it is their propensity for turning their personal problems into everyone's problems.  Meaning, they have a habit of projecting their insecurities and outrage on the rest of the world, weaponizing their own unhappiness and turning it into an activist movement.  If they are miserable, other people are not allowed to feel content; that would be unfair.  

It is for this reason that modern feminism is often accused of being an ideological cult for narcissists.  Everything about it seems to be designed to elevate and appeal to the worst kinds of people.  Not only that, but the belief system is now so pervasive in western countries, especially among the college educated, that 60% of women say they identify and agree with the “common definition” of feminism, even though the common definition does not match the behavior and motives of most feminists.  

This percentage changes, of course, depending on the specific tenets related to feminism, but in most polls at least 30% of women in most western countries embrace the majority of third-wave feminist concepts.  The number of feminists also spiked dramatically between 2013-2018 (though this momentum has stalled in recent years).  The point being, if you are a western man seeking to avoid feminist insanity and find a woman with traditional values your task is becoming incredibly difficult in your home country.

Enter the “Passport Bros”, a movement of men in the west (primarily American men) traveling outside their countries to find wives in foreign places known for more traditional women that defy feminist taboos.  The movement has gained exponential traction and attention in the past year as most countries are finally lifting covid restrictions, allowing more men to travel.  

Breaking from the notion of “mail order brides” which has existed for decades, Passport Bros are going overseas with the intention of marrying outside the US as a way to avoid crushing divorce laws.  The strategy also makes them less likely to be exploited by foreign women only looking for access to US citizenship.  It is this key difference which has feminists in the west outraged.  

While the mail order bride concept has been criticized by feminism in the past as being “exploitative,” feminists often joke that foreigners are “only using American men” to get green cards and then divorce them to take half of their wealth.  In other words, they find it amusing for men to look for love on the other side of the world only to be treated by foreign women the same way they are treated by American women.  But the PB movement avoids this dynamic, which is making feminists angrier than ever.  

Their reaction is rather revealing.  The above is just a sampling of the salt that has been directed at Passport Bros in the past several months. Mainstream platforms are beginning to pick up on the trend and woke journalists are equally incensed.  Clearly, the concept has hit a nerve, otherwise they would not go through the trouble of attacking it in the first place.  But the core question is – Why do they care? 

Perhaps, because the gender power dynamic that feminists are so obsessed with is shifting in favor of men (at least in their minds), therefore, Passport Bros are an unacceptable development that needs to be shamed and squashed before they lose control.  Attacks are often directed at foreign women, who feminists describe as uneducated, poor, ignorant and desperate.  

This is projection, considering many of the women marrying Passport Bros speak multiple languages and have college degrees in useful career fields.  The arrogance of this thinking aside, the suggestion insinuates that the men leaving for happier shores are not good enough to date in the US, that they are “afraid of strong independent women” or that they are predatory.  Once again we have to ask, why are feminists so angry about these men looking elsewhere?

Another go-to attack is to dismiss PB culture as nothing more than “sex tourism” or “sex trafficking.”  But the purpose of the movement is specifically to find a marriage partner with similar political, social and religious values.  If Passport Bros simply wanted prostitutes they would stay in the US where feminists are prevalent.  Because these women do not embrace feminist values, feminists see them as automatically inferior and “in need of saving.”       

There is certainly something to be said for the strategy of non-participation; walking away from a game you can't win and making your own rules is a powerful tool for defeating oppressive socialist movements that demand increasing public compliance in order to survive.  The reason why US men would leave the country to avoid women influenced by feminism is not a mystery.

While most women are mercenary by their biological nature (hypergamy), American women tend to be the most expensive. Studies show that the majority of women around the world prefer a man with a larger annual income, but the magic number for a man to be desirable in the US is in the six figure range, preferably 200K and above, which is in the top 5% of earners.  However, the median income for men in the US is around $60,000.  

Add in expectations of physical attributes (height above 6ft and physically fit) and the pool of single men that western women desire plummets to around 1% or less.  The mental disconnect between what women think men should earn vs the national average is delusional.  They have limited their options down to finite group of potential partners while never asking themselves what they bring to the table in return?  This is where the immutable rules of supply and demand kick in.

Keep in mind that these expectations are not only reserved for high income women; most American women regardless of background seek out this 1% of men, and all of them believe that they are capable of catching these men even when competing with younger and far more attractive peers.  The female fantasy of trapping “Mr. Big” and living a life of luxury and ease while also remaining “strong, independent and sexually liberated” is a specifically western feminist trope.  And though it seems to run contrary to the feminist ideal, it makes sense from their point of view.  

Feminism treats men as oppressors, but ironically it also treats them as a utility to be used.  Why not shame men into being submissive and acting as breadwinners if possible?  This double standard is causing American men in the middle of the financial spectrum to leave and look elsewhere.          

Beyond the money issue is the problem of feminist indoctrination.  The primary goal among feminists?  It's not happiness, it's power.  While presented as a crusade for equality, there are already equal rights for women in the west.  So, feminism has instead become a license for destructive behaviors including childishness, lack of self awareness, inflated ego and the view that being diplomatic in a relationship is a weakness.  At the same time they see aggression as a sign of “strength and independence.”  A belief system of self absorbed vanity removing the key component of femininity that men look for (nurturing) makes a successful marriage impossible.   

The promiscuity and lack of personal responsibility promoted by feminism also plays a major role in the fading marriage prospects of women in the US.  Studies show that women with extensive sexual histories and more sexual partners tend to have less happy marriages once they settle down.   

It should be noted that some feminists in the US are attempting to start their own “Passport Sis” movement, going overseas looking for marriage.  They are failing miserably, discovering that men in foreign countries put up with their combativeness far less than their American counterparts.  There is also no parallel movement of foreign men flying to the US to seek out American women.  Meaning, woke western women are considered the bottom of the barrel by men in their own countries and they are not sought after by foreign men either.

Instead of reflecting on their own flaws and ideals as the cause of this trend, feminists instead do what they always do – Try to sabotage the happiness of others and bottleneck all social discourse through their own narrow filter of the world.  If you stay and court them, you are evil.  If you walk away from them, you are evil.  So, why not walk away?