Was A Patriot Front 'White Supremacist' Just Unmasked As A False Flagger?

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023 - 10:15 AM

Authored by Mark Crispin Miller via News from Underground,

(Updated 12:30 ET)

Here’s “Joe Biden” trying to look like he knows what he’s saying, as he calls white supremacy “the greatest threat” to the United States today:

Now, if our schools (including colleges and universities) taught history, and not the pieties that fill the textbooks (however “woke” such textbooks may now be), and if “our free press” investigated warnings of the latest “threat” confronting us (according to the government), instead of amplifying such alarms non-stop, it would be clear at once to most of us, and not just to some few of us, that this year’s “existential threat” is just as fake as those that came before, and that it too has been created by the government now using it to panic and divide the rest of us. Thus it was with “the communists” back in the Fifties (when countless “Reds” were agents of the FBI, and the CIA helped keep the Daily Worker going), then, after Soviet communism fell apart, with “Islamic terrorism” (all those “plots” concocted by the state), and now with “white supremacy” (a specter as delusory as the “killer virus” that was used to smash the world).

Here are glimpses of the latest show of “white supremacy,” as captured over the weekend in Oregon, by some real patriots who scared off a contingent of the “Patriot Front,” and unmasked two of them—both literally and figuratively. If (again) “our free press” took a duly skeptical approach to the scare stories pumped out by the government, instead of just repeating them ad nauseam (while trashing anyone who questions them), yesterday’s unmasking would be major news, and not just one more passing flash of truth on Twitter.


Some have suggested the unmasked person is the following, though note that whether they are a 'fed' is unknown:

Elon Musk responded: 

Those interested in learning more about such state-backed performance of “far-right terrorism” (of which the biggest and most consequential was, of course, the one called “January 6”) should look back to the days when such theatrics were concocted to destroy not the far-right but the hard left. Specifically, those interested in helping save democracy from its most powerful opponents should look into Operation Gladio—a vast CIA project that began with the covert creation of “stay-behind armies” throughout Eastern Europe (“armies” full of diehard European fascists)—to be mobilized in the event of a Soviet assault on Europe overall—and that then morphed into an elaborate and very bloody false-flag operation, wherein far-right commandos would commit, or induce leftist outfits to commit, gruesome terroristic crimes (bombings and assassinations) that would then be imputed to the left alone. Such fake-outs were perfected in the Seventies, in Italy; but Gladio was very active elsewhere, too. (Mehmet Ali Ağca, the far-right Turkish hitman who shot Pope John Paul II, and his brotherhood, the fascist paramilitary outfit called the Grey Wolves, were connected to it.)