"Massive" NYPD Mobilization At JFK Airport To Protect Travelers From Pro-Palestinian Mob

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jan 01, 2024 - 07:15 PM

Update (Monday):

"If anyone is flying out of JFK Airport today, please plan to travel to the airport ahead of time," Chief Philip Rivera, the head of transportation of the New York Police Department, wrote in an X post.

Rivera said pro-Palestinian protesters are expected to cause delays at JFK Terminal 4 (departures). 

"There are planned protests today and will cause delays. We don't want anyone to miss their flights! Safe travels and Happy New Year," he said. 

Social media reports show NYPD officers only allow people with an "Employee ID or Boarding pass" to enter train stations to JFK Airport. 

A pro-Palestinian vehicle convoy appears to be heading to the airport. 

Some pro-Palestinian protesters are calling NYPD officers "NYPD, KKK, IDF, You're all the same."  

"Reports of massive law enforcement mobilization around strategic entry points into JFK airport to protect travelers from pro-Hamas protestors. This includes resources from NYPD, NY State Police, Port Authority Police, National Guard, and multiple state and city resources. May God bless them all. Enough is enough. Long past due to take back our streets. Thank them when you see them," one X user said

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Days after hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters surrounded the World Trade Center in New York City and screamed "Allahu akbar," a flyer circulating social media platform X shows a possible rally at John F. Kennedy International Airport on New Year's Day. 

Joel Mowbray, a former columnist for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-partisan institution focusing on national security and foreign policy, pointed out the protest flyer is full of hate:

Pro-Palestinian "protesters" are now openly embracing Hamas. Key word is "flood." Hamas calls 10/7 massacres "Operation Al Aqsa Flood." 

So "Flood JFK for Gaza" is an open support for Hamas' campaign of raping, murdering and beheading Jews -- and Muslims & Christians. Vile.

Organized protesters are expected to arrive by foot and vehicles at JFK Terminal 4 (departures) around 1400 ET Monday. The terminal serves several international airlines, including El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

"On New Year's Day, pro-Hamas mobs plan on shutting down JFK airport, but don't worry, New York's governor @GovKathyHochul and @NYCMayor Eric Adams will be hard at work nursing their New Year's Eve hangover. Once they're over it, they'll pretend it did not happen," one X user said in response to the flyer. 

Another person said: "Ah yes, disrupt people trying to get home for the holidays for your cause. I'm sure they will agree with you and support it now." 

Marxist groups appear to be funding these anti-Israel protests, as some point out. What's troubling, just like when Marxist groups supported Black Lives Matter, the federal government appears to be ignoring these folks who are shutting down highways, bridges, business districts, and airports nationwide. 

Last Wednesday, anti-Israel protesters blocked critical roadways to JFK. 

Where is the Biden administration denouncing these rogue organized protesters shutting down critical infrastructure? There should be zero tolerance for any group attempting to disrupt airports. Maybe Biden's federal government is too busy weaponizing agencies against Trump supporters to actually care about real threats to the nation.