Russia's Man In Washington? Putin Says He Prefers Biden Over Trump

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 15, 2024 - 02:05 AM

Headed into election season, it is perhaps only natural and entirely to be expected that the mainstream media will hyperventilate over every side remark that Vladimir Putin makes on what's shaping up to be a Trump vs. Biden match in November. Russian 'interference' is no doubt always looming darkly on the horizon, we are told.

The Russian leader's Wednesday response to a question asked in a state media interview has triggered an avalanche of headlines Wednesday night. When asked to choose his preference for the next US president, Putin answered Joe Biden, and explained this is due to the 81-year old Democratic incumbent being a "more experienced, predictable, an old-school politician." Is this Putin doing some hilarious trolling after years of the Russian interference narrative pushed by the Dems?...

The esteemed, weighty, and acclaimed Financial Times is among the many outlets that seem confused: "Vladimir Putin has said Joe Biden would be a better US president for Russia than Donald Trump and dismissed concerns over his counterpart’s age and acuity for the role," FT writes.

"Putin’s comments late on Wednesday marked his first foray into this year’s presidential election as tensions between Democrats and Republicans rise over the White House’s efforts to send more military aid to Ukraine," the publication continues. Putin also dismissed any concern over Biden's age and mental acumen, but acknowledged the political rhetoric in the US is "getting more and more vicious" on this.

Putin went on in the interview to state that Russia is ready and willing to "work with any US leader who wins the trust of the American people."

Putin in his response appeared to take opportunity to possibly make a passing joke about President Biden's ability to fulfill the office...

Putin noted that back when he met Biden in Switzerland in 2021, it was the case that even at that time people "talked about him being incapacitated, but I saw nothing of the kind."

He added: "Yes, he was peeking at his papers, to be honest, I was peeking at mine, not a big deal."

We have to ask: does this make Biden "Putin's man in Washington"? After all, the world was just now told told straight from the proverbial horse's mouth that Biden is the 'better' American president for Russian interests.

And yet we won't hold our breath for the CNN articles on "why Putin would want Biden to win in 2024"... 

But assuming Putin's response voicing his preference for another Biden presidency wasn't either trolling or playing some 4-dimensional chess, the emphasis on Biden being more "predictable" is an interesting one. After all, Trump and his supporters have often said that it's Trump's very unpredictability which makes world leaders and US rivals fear him

This fresh commentary from Putin also becomes interesting to think about in recalling President Barack Obama's infamous hot mic moment with outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2021. Obama had personally assured Medvedev he will have "more flexibility" to deal with difficult US-Russia issues after the US presidential election.

Maybe this what Putin had in mind in calling Biden and the Democrats more 'predictable'...