Radical UK Trans Lobbyists Demand Schools Stop Calling Pupils 'Boys And Girls'

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024 - 08:30 AM

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An extreme trans lobbyist group is pressuring schools in the UK to stop calling pupils ‘boys and girls’ and use the pronoun ‘they’ instead of ‘he’/’she’, in an effort to “remove any unnecessarily gendered language” from the classroom.

The Daily Mail reports that the radical LGBTQ+ Stonewall charity is asking hundreds of schools and nurseries, where children are as young as two, to change their policies after signing up to its ‘champions’ scheme.

The group also wants to see gender-neutral bathrooms installed, and having boys and girls wear the exact same uniforms.

The report also notes that children are offered rewards if they comply with not using gendered language at school.

Incredibly, the charity’s scheme costs every school £99, and in order to achieve  ‘Stonewall gold status’, they have to inject LGBTQ+ propaganda into teaching, including “writing a trans-inclusion policy, adapting the School Journey policy to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, and collating LGBTQ+ inclusive lessons from across the curriculum.”

The report further notes that Stonewall made £2.9million from the scheme last year and received another £1.2 million in grants, some of which were government funded.

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher, a member of the Education Select Committee, commented “The Education Act is clear that partisan and ideological material should not be promoted in our schools,” adding “Surely Stonewall continually promoting the unscientific and highly contentious idea of ‘gender identity’ is exactly this.”

“Is it time for the Government to draw up a blacklist of organisations that ignore these Education Act provisions and who therefore should not be used by our schools?” Fletcher added.

Stephanie Davies-Arai of campaign group Transgender Trend noted that “Stonewall has cynically used their credibility as a once highly respected organisation to become peddlers of an extremist ideology and they have deliberately set out to target children from the start.”

Transgender Trend also revealed that trans lobbyists are urging ‘activist’ teachers to ignore government guidance published last month that essentially said schools do not have to adopt ‘gender identity ideology’ or recognise ‘social transitions’ among pupils.

The lobbyist groups are holding events and asking teachers to attend to essentially get their marching orders for how to inject radical LGBTQ+ ideas into state funded schools.

An undercover therapist at one event commented that it “felt like a cult meeting”.

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