Rand Paul Warns Of "War In The Streets" Coming From Trump Verdict

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 03, 2024 - 07:55 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Modernity,news,

GOP Senator Rand Paul has warned that the fallout of the weaponisation of the justice system against Donald Trump could lead to “war in the streets.”

Appearing on Fox Business, Paul was asked “What is your reaction to the conviction?”

The Senator responded that it is “a sad day in America,” adding “what I worry about is something even bigger than Donald Trump.”

“I worry about strife. I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them,” Paul further urged.

“I worry when half the country thinks they won’t be treated fairly, what happens and how people react,” the Senator continued.

Paul also pointed out how Hillary Clinton was treated completely differently when she was charged over her email server.

“If you look at records violations and you look at Hillary Clinton, $8 million expense, and they slapped her on the wrist cause she got an $8 thousand fine,” Paul asserted.

“I think Donald Trump is the only person ever prosecuted for this particular crime,” Paul further suggested, stating that there are probably thousands of cases of records violations in New York that never go to court.

As we highlighted yesterday, Bill Maher has predicted that if Trump is sentenced to any prison time, there will be a civil war that will quickly evolve into a race war because of MAGA supporters.

As we highlighted earlier this week, former US Attorney for the District of Utah Brett L. Tolman is adament that Judge Merchan will give Trump jail time.

“This judge has considerable power now, on July 11th he has the power to take Trump forthwith, he can take him, put him in custody right then and he can do it for whatever period of time,” said Tolman, warning that despite there being a range of sentencing, “the rules are out the window, who knows what this judge will do.”

“I predict he will give him some jail time, I think he will fine him, he’ll give him a stern lecture and then he’ll promptly plan his retirement and a book deal,” concluded Tolman.

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