Seattle Activists Declare 'Homosexual Intifada'

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 - 02:45 PM

Authored by Jason Rantz via,

As if “Queers for Palestine” wasn’t enough of a self-parody, keffiyeh-donning gay activists in Seattle have declared a “homosexual intifada.”

Homosexual intifada posters seen around Seattle. (Photo: Anatolia Ferguson for Jason Rantz Show on KTTH)

After another pro-Hamas/anti-Israel march and rally that took over city streets that Seattle mayor Bruce Harrell ceded, the extremists plastered their signage around downtown Seattle. That’s when we started seeing a new flyer showing two men with faces covered with keffiyeh while embracing in a kiss. The pink-hued message says “Homo-sexual Intifada” in all caps.

Seattle’s homosexual intifada flyer is a stark oxymoron as brazen as it is ignorant. It signals LGBT Seattle activists are willing to become more violent in support of a terrorist organization that would order them tossed from the highest rooftop the moment they accuse someone of misgendering them.

LGBT Seattle activists support violent Hamas with more violence

Hamas, the governing body in Gaza since 2007, is as welcoming to the LGBT community as it is to Jews. And their track record is hardly rainbow-colored. Under Hamas rule, being openly gay isn’t just a social taboo; it’s a fast track to execution. LGBT people face arrests, torture, and extrajudicial killings based purely on sexual orientation. And these views against the LGBT community are not merely those of Hamas.

The situation is not much different in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank, where there are no LGBT rights. Palestinians in Gaza are as hostile, with, ironically, gay Palestinians fleeing to Israel for refuge. Israel is the only Middle East country with constitutional, employment, and other codified LGBT rights.

Pro-Hamas activists, in and out of Seattle, routinely and purposefully ignore the fact that Hamas hates the LGBT community. Yet, they continue to stay silent so that they may use all their hot air to attack Jews defending Israel against an existential threat.

Is the Seattle homosexual intifada trying to send a different message?

Is it possible the Seattle homosexual intifada flyer is meant to envision a world in which gay Palestinians fight back in Gaza? Are they trolling us with their flyer? Not likely. The pro-Hamas faction of Seattle activists has consistently downplayed or ignored Hamas terrorism against Jews because they believe “resistance is justified when people are occupied.”

Generally, Hamas’ dangerous hostility to the LGBT community is ignored. But in the rare instances in which it is not, progressive activists use their hatred of Jews to gaslight. Radical Swarthmore professor Sa’ed Atshan dismissed Hamas and Gazan homophobia as if it’s no different than anywhere else. In an interview, Atshan tries to explain why there’s “queer solidarity” with Palestinians without having to mention it’s driven by blatant antisemitism, historical ignorance, or both.

Atshan noted, “Homophobia is not unique to Palestinian society. It exists in most parts of the world, including in Israeli society, as well as here in the United States.” He even manages to blame Jews for homophobia in Gaza, falsely claiming they participate in a brutal military occupation of Gaza.

“It’s very dangerous to pathologize Palestinian society as uniquely homophobic or that homophobia is endemic to the society without this broader context, as well as without understanding the ways that life under brutal military occupation exacerbates homophobia within Palestinian society as well. In order for us to deal with questions of how queer people are treated in Palestine, we have to address the broader landscape of the denial of freedom to Palestinians more generally speaking,” he said.

This is all pretty simple, just not simple enough for Progressive Seattle activists

Palestinians are not synonymous with Hamas. But only a fool pretends there’s no overlap for a significant portion of the Palestinian people in Gaza. It doesn’t matter, though.

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