Soros-Backed Activist District Attorney Gets Robbed - Becomes Victim Of Her Own System

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 30, 2023 - 11:20 PM

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price is no stranger to controversy.  She raised eyebrows after she received at least $130,000 from George Soros during her failed 2018 election bid, then won in 2022 on a campaign of radical criminal reforms for the Oakland area.  Her primary position?  That minorities are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement and the criminal court system and that "equity" policies would stop the rising crime rate.

Price has made headlines in the past for various suspect behaviors and decisions.  Not long after taking office she hired her boyfriend, Antwon Cloird, to her office as a "senior program specialist" with a six-figure income.  She then tried to interfere in a triple-murder-for-hire case, creating a plea deal for the defendant and reducing his sentence down to a maximum of 15 years even though he was eligible for 75 years.  The presiding judge blocked Price's plea deal, but dropped two charges.  Price accused the judge of bias and said he should no longer be allowed to preside over criminal cases.     

Pamela Price's methods have so far been a disaster for the Bay Area.  Skyrocketing crime (41% increase in burglaries and 20% increase in robberies) has led to Alameda residents demanding a recall of the far-left activist DA.  Alameda and the surrounding metro area does not report full violent crime data and will not provide such information to the FBI until 2024-2025.  Violent crime rates are estimated to have risen at least 20%.  Residents say Price's soft-on-crime antics are making things far worse for the community and costing innocent lives.  

Ironically, Price has become a victim of her own policies.  The DA had her car broken into and was robbed this week, items including a laptop were taken; the break-in happened in broad daylight at 3pm at 27th Street and Telegraph Avenue, near the Alameda County Family Justice facility.  When Price attempted to call police to investigate the crime, she waited an hour for a response, then was forced to file a report online.  Lack of adequate law enforcement presence and the refusal to prosecute, often based on race, have been cited as the biggest catalysts for the Bay Area's swift social and economic decline.