Southwest Airlines Deletes X Post Celebrating "All Female Flight Crew"

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jan 14, 2024 - 02:20 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

Amidst questions surrounding whether ‘diversity and inclusion’ drives are jeopardizing airline safety, Southwest Airlines deleted a post on X celebrating an “all female flight crew.”

The post featured an on-board photo of two female pilots and four air hostesses, two of whom are black.

“All female flight Crew? Go off, queens!” stated the post.

Go off what, the plane?

After other X users began ridiculing the post, the company swiftly deleted it.

Apparently, the queens didn’t get a chance to “go off” after all.

Respondents expressed satisfaction at the company’s quick reversal.

Southwest Airlines recently hit the headlines for its policy of giving obese people a free neighboring plane seat if they demand it, even if someone else has already booked and paid for the seat.

Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines, fresh from the controversy of a faulty door blowing off their plane in mid-air, is also facing ridicule for its own obsession with gay virtue signaling.

As we highlight in the video below, Spirit AeroSystems, the company responsible for the faulty door and other parts of the Boeing 737 Max 9, is also facing a backlash for pandering to woke clichés.

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