'Squatter-Squad' Using Home Inspectors And Other Legal Techniques To Send Squatters Packing

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 28, 2024 - 12:00 AM

You may have noticed an increase in stories involving homeowners in blue states who can't evict squatters due to various laws that make it extremely difficult to do so.

And more recently, a Queens woman was arrested after trying to evict squatters out of her house

As Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog wrote in February;

Thanks to online listings, it is easier than ever to identify properties that are vacant, and many states have laws that make it exceedingly difficult to get squatters out once they have settled in.  In some cases, squatters are able to live rent free in beautiful homes for months or even years.  This is becoming an absolutely massive problems, especially in certain areas of the country.  For example, it is being reported that squatters have taken over approximately 1,200 homes in the Atlanta area…


In the state of Washington, squatters have taken over an entire apartment complex and have turned it into a den of crime


California also has ridiculous laws, and right now “a very sophisticated criminal ring of squatters” is making a ton of money from the Beverly Hills mansion that they have occupied…

Given the recent surge in squatting, a Los Angeles-based group known as the Squatter Squad has been making headlines for their novel approaches to evicting squatters; home inspectors and other legal techniques.

In a viral video from earlier this month, a team of Los Angeles home inspectors can be seen ejecting a group of around a dozen squatters, before entering the home, changing the locks and boarding up the windows, Fox News reports.

"The police are gonna come," one of the squatters can be heard telling the inspectors in the front yard of a San Fernando Valley home.

"That's fine," the inspector replies. "We're coming in."

Squatter Squad, which took the video, claims to have been legally removing squatters from property since 2018.

They use various legal techniques, applicable on a case by case basis, to remove people who invade homes and refuse to leave.

"This was a very tricky and complex job," said Lando Thomas, a Squatter Squad member.

The intruders were under the impression that any entry into the house required a three-day notice obtained through court. However, they were wrong. A building inspection only requires a 24-hour notice and does not have to go through the court, he said. -Fox News

According to Thomas, the intruders thought that any entry into the home required a three-day notice obtained through the court - however they, being idiots, were wrong, as a building inspection only requires 24-hour notice and does not have to go through the court.

"We're gonna press charges," one squatter told them.

"That's fine," the inspector replied. "Take me to court."

When the police showed up, they stood in the street and let the inspectors do their work while the squatters packed up their belongings and left.

Police arrived after the squatters called 911 but did not stop the home inspectors from carrying out their work. (Squatter Squad/LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

Success! Until of course George Soros begins funding their lawsuits and California lawmakers 'work their magic' for their constituents.