Stellar Blade: Woke Activists Enraged By Video Games With Attractive Female Characters

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 04, 2024 - 04:45 PM

Recently we covered the exposure of leftist activist run "consulting firms" that have been discreetly involved in the widespread wokification of the video games industry.  These firms have been know to operate on a protection racket-like model:  They threaten video game developers with the cancel-culture mob unless they hire said firm to "fix" their games for them.  This fixing usually involves a host of DEI requirements, from forced diversity to the inclusion of LGBT related propaganda for the kiddies.

The reason these consulting outfits exist is singular - They do not care about games, gaming or gamers.  In fact, they seem to hate game consumers with a passion.  Their only purpose is to inject as much woke ideology as possible into an industry they know has immense influence on the next generation.  Leftists see video games as a platform to manipulate the collective thinking of the future.

One agenda which has been incredibly important to them is their war on the "male gaze" and western beauty standards in general.  The reasons for this are varied. 

Some activists believe that men should not be allowed to set standards for women in any form, even though women set standards frequently for men.  Biological imperatives and inherent attractions for men are treated as "toxic aggression" that needs to be snuffed out.

Other activists argue that beauty representations in popular media are "unattainable" and cause young girls and women to have a negative sense of self worth.  In reality, many beauty standards are perfectly attainable through self improvement, but this is a violation of the "beauty at any size" cult as well as claims by feminists that attractiveness is nothing more than a social construct.

Perhaps traditional beauty is attainable for most women - It's just not attainable for feminists.

Then there are those people that want to completely subvert what it is to be a woman.  The trans movement is distinctly aware of depictions of women in pop culture and they have sought to make females appear more masculine wherever possible.  Why?  Maybe because they believe this will speed up the acceptance of trans women (men) as "real women."  If movies or video games are saturated with manly looking women then the concept of natural femininity could be lost, at least in theory.   

This problem in particular has become pervasive in video games, with ugly female characters becoming the mainstay.  The trend has not been overlooked by the gaming community, though anyone asking for more attractive women in games is immediately attacked for "misogyny."  

The proof that this is an agenda is revealed not only the the horse-like faces of modern female game characters but the way in which activists attack companies that choose not to follow the trend and make attractive characters instead.  This has been the case with the impending launch of a new version of a classic Sony Playstation title called Stellar Blade.  

South Korean developer Shift Up produced the game which includes a busty female protagonist complete with pleasant feminine facial features and "jiggle physics."  Social Justice Warriors responded with outrage and leftist gaming journalists including those at IGN France suggested that the character was the “sexualized” fantasy of “someone who has never seen a woman”.

IGN was forced to apologize to Shift Up after it was revealed that the character was in fact designed by a woman.

The cult of ugly is obviously not limited to gaming.  The recent announcement of a new film version of Romeo and Juliet revealed final casting decisions, including Tom Holland and Amewudah-Rivers.  Decide for yourself which one will play Romeo and which one will play Juliet.

The progressive takeover of pop culture and the decision to erase femininity from media is not only an exercise in subverting the male gaze and adding "variety" to depictions of women; it's also an exercise in subverting consumer demand and the free market.  If this was only about representation, then they would not be so hostile to the occasional female character that fits the traditional mold of attractiveness.  However, they can't tolerate even one girl with jiggle physics.  The existence of Stellar Blade, for them, is unacceptable. 

They believe that consumers should not be allowed to dictate the market.  Rather, they think they should be the arbiters of everything we see and hear.  And for some reason activists really want to surround us with as much ugly as possible.