Tide Shift: Former Philadelphia Officer Says Criminals Will Be Prosecuted Once Again 

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Mar 16, 2024 - 11:15 PM

The tide is turning in lawless progressive cities after leftist radicals in city halls have pushed disastrous social justice reforms and defunded the police that have sparked crime wave after crime wave. 

According to one former Philadelphia Police Department officer, the mayor, the commissioner, and the governor are no longer tolerating the soaring thefts and out-of-control crime that have transformed some parts of the metro area into third-world-like conditions. 

If we had to guess, maybe the shift in policing is because progressive policies have been one of the biggest failed social experiments this nation has ever seen. Law-abiding Americans across cities demand a return to law and order after half a decade of crime chaos. And these leftist politicians are getting the message as some are up for re-election. 

In a video interview posted by X user Wall Street Apesa Philadelphia police officer explains that law and order is returning but will be an uphill battle. 

"The mayor, the commissioner and the governor said we gonna do something about the theft. They passed new legislation that they're going after people." 

"That's not gonna happen anymore. Not the city of Philadelphia. You're gonna get prosecuted, and it's gonna be a felony. It ain't gonna be on misdemeanor." 

Interviewer: "Can you say something to the youth, please, about all this morning?" 

Officer "Well, all I have to say to the youth is put down the gun because if you come here with a gun, the chances are you're not gonna make it home. I hate to say it like that, but we have to keep it real. This is killing us. I've never seen it like this before, where young people shoot up a bus depot station, 40 rounds, and shoot innocent people. Something must be done. 

I say this to the parents. Go in your children's room, tear it apart and find that gun. Because when they kill somebody, that's on you. You can't say, well, my child ain't you know what your children are doing. It is your job. 

That's your house. You own it. You are the commander in that chief in that house. Go to your children's house your room and look for these weapons. Stop it before it's too late. 

Either you're burying your child, or you're going up to prison every month, visiting your child. It takes a community to stop this. It's not just on the police department.

 That's why we are out there. But it's not all about locking people up. You have to educate these people. You have to educate these young people. Guns is not the way. 

But there's a group of them that believe in robbing and stealing and killing. And those are the ones we have to capture and put away. "

Watch the full interview here: