'Transgender Archeology' PhDs And Degrees In 'Magic' Being Funded With UK Taxpayer Money

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024 - 07:30 AM

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A Conservative MP in the UK has called for a thorough review of government higher education funding after it was revealed that taxpayer money is being spent on ridiculous university courses, including a PhD researcher who has chose to explore “Transphobic Invocations of Archaeology.”

The Telegraph reports that the student at the University of York is being given more than £18,000 a year by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to do detailed research and present papers, including one titled Bones Don’t Care About Your Feelings: Challenging Transphobic Invocations of Archaeology in (Social) Media.

The student in question also gave a presentation that noted “What if I told you that when an archaeologist finds human remains, it is a fact that there [sic] only two choices for gender identification.”

The ‘research’ was also partially funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), a non-departmental government body that distributes funds for research, which claims that “research projects we support are made via a rigorous peer review process.”

Maybe make it a bit more rigorous then?

Commenting on the finding, biologist Dr Emma Hilton, co-founder of Sex Matters, noted “Human remains cannot tell us anything about the unembodied ‘gender identity’ of a person.”

Providing an example, Hilton urged that “A female Viking warrior buried with male-typical war possessions tells us only that some women successfully broke through early glass ceilings.”

As we previously highlighted, there is a push among gender activists within the field of archaeology to have anthropologists to be prevented from identifying human remains as male or female because it is not known how ancients would have self-identified.

In other words, far-left activists are now insisting that it is ‘transphobic’ for archaeologists and anthropologists to identify bones as male or female, because they don’t know if ancient people identified as a specific gender or not.

Pretty sure they had more pressing things to consider.

The same people have also insisted that archaeologists no longer categorise the race of remains as this “contributes to white supremacy.”

Other equally stupid research projects have been uncovered, including one at Cambridge University, which will involve a PhD student investigating its collection of animals and plants to root out imperial connections, in an attempt to “decolonise the dodo”.

The project falls under the university’s efforts to address “legacies of enslavement and empire.”

Another course currently advertising for research positions lasting three years at full pay of £33,000 per year, is titled “The Europe That Gay Porn Built, 1945-2000.”

A further course at the University of Exeter offers a degree in ‘Magic and Occult Science,’ with the course leader claiming “Decolonisation, the exploration of alternative epistemologies, feminism and anti-racism are at the core of this programme.”

This ridiculousness appears to be in part down to lobbyist groups attempting to inject their ideological nonsense into education:

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher said: “We need to call a scam a scam when we see it. This is taxpayers’ money, at a time when households are struggling – and the tax burden is at an all-time high.”

“We should consider establishing a ‘Taxpayers’ Review Process’ to enable ordinary people to review and challenge UKRI and AHRC spending – similar to the process available for residents to review and challenge local authority accounts,” Fletcher added.

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