Transgender 'Human Doll' Lectures JK Rowling About What A Woman Is

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 08, 2024 - 02:05 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

In a bizarre news segment, a transgender person who used to refer to himself as the “human Ken doll” attempted to lecture JK Rowling on what a woman really is, declaring that the author should “stick to what she knows.”

The Brazilian-British OnlyFans ‘personality’ born Rodrigo Alves, now known as ‘Jessica Alves’, has undergone so much plastic surgery that he can barely speak or move, including implants and ‘enhancements’ resulting in an appearance that resembles cartoon-like spoof of a woman.

Yet in a clip from an interview on GB News, Alves claimed “I don’t believe that I am a woman, I AM a woman,” adding “even my birth certificate has been changed to ‘born a female.'”

“I never felt like a man, therefore I am a woman,” Alves further declared before going on to claim “it’s very sad to read the headlines lately about JK Rowling.”

“She’s doesn’t understand anything of what she is talking about,” Alves proclaimed, adding “she’s not a trained doctor, she’s a book writer.”

The host responded, “she might argue that she’s a woman though,” to which Alves responded “I’m also a woman.”

“Her remarks are not necessary, they are very indelicate, they are very hurtful,” Alves further suggested, going on to call Rowling “transphobic.”

“You do not comment on people’s race, you do not comment on people’s gender, those are subjects that you don’t point out and talk about,” Alves further decreed.

This person is clearly mentally ill, having previously undergone countless surgeries in an effort to look like a plastic doll.

As we highlighted yesterday, Rowling was widely praised for posting a lengthy explanation of what a woman is, as she continues to be outspoken in defence of women’s rights.

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