Trump Attorneys Claim Georgia Case Belongs In Federal Court, Instead Filed In State 'By Design'

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Aug 18, 2023 - 10:55 AM

Donald Trump's attorney and total smokeshow Alina Habba says that the case should have been brought in federal court, and was instead brought in state court "by design."

On Wednesday, Habba told Newsmax that Fulton County DA Fani Willis "did it on purpose so that if he is president, he can't pardon himself if he's convicted. ... We will probably be asking for a removal to another venue and to move it to federal court."

On Tuesday, Habba told Newsmaax that the case should receive a new venue.

"It should be moved to a federal court. Election claims and claims of somebody who was a president at the time should be viewed by a federal court. There's presidential immunities at play here and this has no business being in a state court."

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, one of 19 defendants in the case, has already filed a motion to remove the case to federal court, with others expected to do the same.

Trump attorney Lindsey Halligan told the outlet ... hang on, here's a picture of her too:

...that Trump's legal team will file a motion to remove the case to federal court.

"This case should be removed, this indictment is exactly the type of state interference in a federal official's duty that the supremacy clause in the United States Constitution prohibits," she said.

Trump and 18 other defendants were charged on Monday under the RICO statute with 161 counts of racketeering.

"If the case is removed to federal court there will not be cameras in the courtroom. Ms. Willis seems to want this case to be televised. I'm sure she's very proud of herself, but let's remember how easy it is to indict someone. This indictment does not mean a conviction. It's not a crime to contest an election," said Halligan.

"Legislative intent when drafting laws matters, and none of the laws President Trump is charged with in these four indictments were drafted with the intent to charge the offenses he is being charged with," she continued, adding that the state court strategy may backfire.

"These prosecutors are going to keep going too far until they make a big mistake that exposes their motives. These judges want to take away President Trump's right to attorney client privilege," she said. "Well the pendulum will swing back to the prosecutors' conversations with each other that they think are privileged will be exposed for everyone to see how politically motivated these indictments really are."