Trump Coughs Up $91 Million Bond While He Appeals E. Jean Carroll Defamation Verdict

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Mar 08, 2024 - 05:15 PM

Former President Trump posted a bond of $91.6 million on Friday while appealing the recent verdict in advice columnist E. Jean Carroll's defamation lawsuit.

"President Trump respectfully requests that this Court recognize the supersedeas bond obtained by President Trump in the sum of $91,630,000.00 and approve it as adequate and sufficient to stay the enforcement of the Judgment, to the extent that the Judgment awards damages, pending the ultimate disposition of President Trump’s appeal," Trump attorney Alina Habba wrote in court filings.

In January, Trump was ordered to pay Carroll $83.3 million for defaming her in 2019, when he denied sexually assaulting her three decades earlier.

The decision came after a separate jury ruled that Trump was liable for sexually abusing Carroll, which led to him paying her $5.5 million in cash - which he'll get back also if he wins on appeal.

Carroll, 80, testified that Trump's lies destroyed her reputation for telling he truth.

"I am here because Donald Trump assaulted me, and when I wrote about it, he said it never happened," Carroll said, adding "He lied, and it shattered my reputation."

During Trump's trial, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan and the former president got into frequent verbal altercations - with Kaplan at one point threatening to toss the former president out of the courtroom if he wouldn't keep his mouth shut.

Kaplan also told Habba to "sit down" after she requested an adjournment tomorrow so Trump could attend his mother-in-law's funeral - a request Kaplan had previously denied.

And once Carroll 'won' the $83.3 million, she went on a disgusting 'price is right' diatribe over how she'll spend her 'winnings.'

As Donald Jeffries of I Protest noted last week in regards to the Carroll 'show trial';

I don’t know what the Soviet legal process really was like, before they sent dissidents off to Siberia, but how much more corrupt could it have been? Trump was convicted, and forced to pay millions, to a certifiable lunatic, who paints her trees blue and named her cat vagina. For sexually assaulting her in a crowded department store dressing room, at some point in the 1990s. She couldn’t recall the exact year. Seriously. And she is on the record having joked about having sex with Donald Trump on social media. She is the poster child for uncredible witnesses. But a jury, and one of the endless biased judges assigned to Trump’s cases, ruled in her favor. As the “Woke” White women say, “I believe her!”

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