Trump Easily Defeats Haley In Her Home State Of South Carolina

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Feb 25, 2024 - 08:25 PM

Former President Donald Trump completely smoked Republican challenger Nikki Haley in her own state of South Carolina.

The Associated Press called the primary for Trump shortly after polls closed at 7 p.m. ET, making Haley the first major-party candidate to loser her home state in the modern primary era, the Epoch Times reports.

With an estimated 80% of the votes counted, Trump led Haley 60% to 39.4%.

"There’s a spirit that I’ve never seen, Trump told supporters at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds in Columbia shortly after the race was called.

"I have never seen the Republican party so unified as it is now."

The crowd erupted in applause, with some screaming "I LOVE YOU!"

"This was a great moment in American history," said South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who joined Trump on stage, adding "we just hit maximum velocity!"

During the speech, Trump touched on the crisis at the southern border.

"You look outside, and you see all of the horror; you see millions and millions of people coming across the border illegally," he said, emphasizing his plan to make America "respected again" if he's reelected.

"Right now, we are a laughing stock around the world. We are going to be respected again, respected like never before."

Haley not dropping out

Meanwhile, Haley is moving on to Michigan on Sunday despite the staggering and humiliating loss in her home state primary - insisting that regardless of how she does in her own state, she'll move on to Super Tuesday on March 5.