Trump Paddles Fani Over Insertion Of 'Racial Animus' And Misconduct, Demands Dismissal Of Georgia Election Case

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jan 25, 2024 - 10:20 PM

Former President Donald Trump filed a motion Thursday to join his co-defendant in his Georgia election case, arguing that District Attorney Fani Willis should be disqualified over misconduct allegations, and injecting "racial animus" into the case with recent comments made at the Big Bethel AME Church following said allegations.

Trump moved to adopt co-defendant Michael Roman's Jan. 8 claim that Willis awarded a "lucrative" contract to her alleged lover, special prosecutor Nathan Wade - through whom she benefited from lavish vacations using taxpayer money paid to Wade.

Trump's attorneys also cited her speech at the AME Church, which they say was a "glaring, flagrant, and calculated effort to foment racial bias into this case," the Daily Caller reports.

"The awesome power to prosecute ought never to be manipulated for personal or political profit," reads the motion. "In addition to the extensive misconduct alleged in Roman’s motion, the DA did just that in her speech by wrongfully inserting racial animus into this case to publicly denounce and rebuke the defendants, and to defend her personal and political reputation against the numerous and diverse allegations Roman made in his court filing."

"The DA’s provocative and inflammatory extrajudicial racial comments, made in a widely publicized speech at a historical Black church in Atlanta, and cloaked in repeated references to God, reinforce and amplify the ‘appearance of impropriety’ in her judgment and prosecutorial conduct," the filing continues.

She also straight up lied!

As the Caller notes,

During her speech, Willis also falsely claimed that she paid all three special prosecutors on the case the same hourly rate. John Floyd, the attorney known as Georgia’s top racketeering expert, was only paid $200 as recently as May 2023, while Wade was paid $250 an hour, according to billing statements and contracts obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Willis also hired a firm to monitor media coverage days before announcing the investigation into Trump.

Trump attorney Steve Sadow told the Caller: "The motion filed today on behalf of President Trump seeks to hold District Attorney Willis legally accountable both for her misconduct alleged in a motion filed by Mr. Roman as well as her extrajudicial public statements falsely and intentionally injecting race into this case," adding "In doing so, DA Willis violated her Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct."

"Her attempt to foment racial animus and prejudice against the defendants in order to divert and deflect attention away from her alleged improprieties calls out for the sanctions of dismissal and disqualification," he continued.