Trump Trounces Haley In Idaho, Missouri, And Michigan

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Mar 03, 2024 - 02:35 AM

Donald Trump dominated in Saturday's primary races, inning caucuses in Idaho and Missouri - while sweeping the delegate haul at a Michigan party convention.

The former president earned every delegate at stake on Saturday, bringing his overall count to 244 vs. Nikki Haley's 24. To secure the Republican nomination, Trump will need 1,215 delegates in total.

In Michigan, Trump won all 39 delegates at the Republican convention in Grand Rapids, after winning the state's primary on Tuesday with 68% of the vote vs. Haley's 27%.

In Missouri, Trump won 51 delegates. Things went particularly not well for Haley at one point:

The steep odds facing Haley were on display in Columbia, Missouri, where Republicans gathered at a church to caucus.

Seth Christensen stood on stage and called on them to vote for Haley. He wasn't well received.

Another caucusgoer shouted out from the audience: “Are you a Republican?”

An organizer quieted the crowd and Christensen finished his speech. Haley went on to win just 37 of the 263 Republicans in attendance in Boone County. -AP

Earlier in the day, Missouri Trump supporters inside a church in Columbia linked up to appeal for the former president.

"Every 100 days, we’re spending $1 trillion, with money going all over the world. Illegals are running across the border," said Tom Mendenall, an elector for Trump in 2016 and 2020. "You know where Donald Trump stands on a lot of these issues."

And in Iowa, Trump won 32 delegates, once again smoking Haley.

Next on deck is a Republican event on Sunday in the District of Columbia (they have Republicans?), followed by Super Tuesday two days later, when 16 states will hold primaries - and the date Haley suggested she'd be dropping out if things don't start going her way.

This is going to be fun, no? From tonight's speech in Virginia: