Trumpenstein And The Death Of Politics

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Mar 06, 2024 - 10:40 PM

Authored by Donald Jeffries via "I Protest,"

I’m the guy who coined the term The Trumpenstein Project. My good friend John Barbour came up with Trump Agnostic to describe how we felt about the former Reality TV star. Trump, I mean, not John Barbour, who has been described as the Godfather of Reality Television.

I may very well be the last Trump Agnostic standing. It’s not only the smallest minority group in the world, but I’m not even sure who any other members are at this point. My Trumpenstein thesis is that the elite recruited the most bombastic and obnoxious personality they could, and inserted him into the presidential campaign. They assigned him the role of populist outsider, and wrote some alluring rhetoric for him, which was often revolutionary. He wooed millions, including me. Millions of others instantly hated him. That’s how programming works. I didn’t think he could possibly be sincere, but I couldn’t completely discount the notion that a billionaire could theoretically become fed up with what he’d witnessed behind the scenes. At any rate, once Trump selected his cabinet, the psyop became obvious.

Choosing Mike Pence as his running mate gained him nothing politically. Were the evangelicals going to vote for Hillary without Pence on the ticket? He also lost how ever many gay votes he was going to get. For whatever reason, gays hate Pence like no other politician. Trump redeemed himself a bit with his inaugural address, which was the best since JFK’s in my opinion. But as he announced the choices for his cabinet, each one brought an additional shake of the head, and an additional dose of disillusionment. Nikki Haley had been one of the loudest Never Trumpers. Trump, nevertheless, first offered her the prestigious position of Secretary of State, and she ultimately became his U.N. ambassador.

Jeff Sessions seemed like a decent choice as Attorney General, given his strong stance on immigration. But his lust for our militarized police forces came through loud and clear. He actually wanted to bolster the odious asset forfeiture laws, which are the foundation of the corrupt policing for profit system. He also inexplicably recused himself from any potential prosecution of Hillary Clinton. You know, Crooked Hillary, “Lock her up!” and all that. But Trump let his supporters know there was going to be no prosecution of his old friend, when he began complimenting her during his speech declaring victory. He declared she was “good people,” and didn’t want to prosecute her. Which he promised to do countless times during his 2016 campaign. His second Attorney General, William Barr, was even worse, prosecuting only Trump supporters.

We now know that Hillary was scheming to orchestrate the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” psyop before the 2016 election. This was revealed not by some lowly Thought Criminal like me, but by beloved former CIA director John Brennan. They don’t come any more reliable than CIA officials, as our “free press” regularly reminds us. So, yes, along with the ridiculous Steele Dossier, Trump was indeed under attack by the Swamp he vowed to drain, during his entire four years in office. This is invariably the excuse given by his adoring fans. But they never explain why, as he was under such an unprecedented assault, he never attempted to fight back. Never used the considerable powers of his office. Instead, he produced a steady stream of often juvenile tweets.

FBI Director Christopher Wray was appointed to his position by Trump. That’s right, this maverick outsider chose an undisguised Never Trumper to head the Bureau that would have been instrumental in an investigation of Hillary or any other villain from the Swamp. So naturally Wray concentrated, from the very beginning of his tenure in office, on following the deluded “Russiagate” fantasies, instead of focusing on those who were attacking Trump unfairly. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was chosen not to investigate Hillary’s destruction of emails and a laptop, or her scheme to tie Trump to Russian “collusion,” but Donald Trump himself. Mueller and William Barr, Trump’s second Attorney General, just happened to be best friends. No one said the Trumpenstein Project had to be believable.

Trump wasn’t playing “4D chess.” He wasn’t following the old adage of “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” And I don’t believe he’s actually as stupid as he usually sounds. “Covfefe” and “hamberders” weren’t some mystical code that mere mortals couldn’t fathom. But I do think they were part of the act. Covfefe, by the way, is now an accepted word. It has its own Wikipedia page. Which some of us don’t. The absurd misspellings and grammatical errors, the repeating of the same word or phrase ad nauseum, all just exacerbated the hatred that millions felt for him. And endeared him to millions of others. Some inferred that Trump didn’t know how to read, that he was illiterate. Like all those athletes we are supposed to believe are college graduates. Maybe Trump was just a One Percent version of an Affirmative Action project.

QAnon was a necessary invention of some intelligence agency. There had to be a way to explain to the MAGA faithful why Trump was surrounding himself with Never Trumpers and not even attempting to fulfill any of his many campaign promises. So millions became disciples of “Q drops,” and never blinked when the continuous predictions never came true. They actually believed the military- exemplified by Trump hater General Mark Milley (who was, naturally, appointed by Trump)- was in charge behind the scenes. They claimed child sex traffickers were being rounded up. There were secret trials of Hillary and other Deep State criminals being held at Guantanamo Bay. I read recently where Oprah Winfrey is secretly on trial now. These “White Hats” behave as inconspicuously as the “White Supremacists” do.

At any rate, Trump never kept any of his promises. To American citizens. He was so loyal to Israel that they named streets for him there. He didn’t try to end birthright citizenship. Or the foreign visa worker programs. Or sanctuary cities. Or DACA. He somehow managed to deport fewer illegals than Barack Obama. That couldn’t have been easy, so give him some credit. He let statues be torn down, cities burn and looters run wild during the summer of 2020. He did tweet a lot. Never sent the National Guard in. Like the Republican governor of Massachusetts did when Ron DeSantis shipped a handful of migrants to the entitled community of Martha’s Vineyard.

If Trump had been a real outsider, you would have seen people like Ron and/or Rand Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Dinesh D’Souza, maybe even Alex Jones, named to key positions in his administration. I know the response to that is, “He had to name those insiders. They would never have approved those others.” Well, Trump should have at least tried. Historically, some nominees have been rejected by Congress. For instance, Jimmy Carter, in his best attempted move, tried to get JFK’s speechwriter Ted Sorenson approved as CIA director. I don’t think Trump had a single nominee rejected. And considering how much he was despised by both parties, that ought to really tell you something. Trump selected nothing but Swamp creatures.

But despite Trump rescuing a Black rapper from Sweden, and engineering the release of an unfairly convicted Black woman from prison, at the behest of Kim Kardashian no less, millions declared that he was a “racist.” Period. In all reality, those moves on behalf of Black citizens were two of the few actions Trump was responsible for in his entire presidential term. The closest he came to being a “racist” was very reasonably saying there were “good people” on both sides during the Charlottesville protests. He never mentioned the word “White” in reference to Caucasians in four years as president. He certainly never uttered the words “Great Replacement.” He did brag incessantly about how low Black unemployment was, though. Actually, he called it African-American unemployment. It’s a White cuck thing, you wouldn’t understand.

But enough about how different Trump’s rhetoric was from his record. He definitely had, and still has, the right enemies. All the worst people in the world, the modern doorkeepers of Satan, hate him with a fervor that even Adolph Hitler couldn’t match. Of course, “Russiagate” was a joke. And it was documented to have been the illegitimate brainchild of Hillary Clinton. Who not only wasn’t prosecuted (by the Trump justice department), but continues to rant about how the 2016 election was stolen from her. Almost like Trump does about the 2020 election. Only Trump is being prosecuted for complaining about his election. Some allegations of electoral fraud are more equal than others.

Trump was the subject of more obscene and distasteful public comments and media ridicule than any other American in history. More than Huey Long. More than Richard Nixon. More than Jim Garrison. There was a play running for months in New York, that celebrated the mock assassination of Donald Trump. Upstanding America 2.0 celebrity Snoop Dogg also depicted the assassination of Trump in a video. Trump would repay the venerable Snoop by pardoning his friend, the president of Death Row Records, and not Julian Assange, as he left office. Trump was certainly a strange sort of “racist.” Kind of like all those “White Supremacists,” who remain in the shadows, overseeing the Great Replacement.

Celebrities showed absolute disdain for Trump in their intellectual offerings on Twitter. So did virtually every “journalist” in our state controlled media. Indeed, Trump’s one enduring legacy may be to have popularized the phrase “fake news,” and inadvertently exposed just how bad our “free press” really is. No matter how many Black rappers he rescued, or how few illegal immigrants he actually deported, the constant refrain was that Trump was a hopeless “racist.” In fact, he came to define the term. And, of course, everyone who supported him were “racists” too. Trump actually instituting the unconstitutional lockdown (proving that he could do something after all), and claiming credit for, and praising the dangerous “warp speed” vaccine didn’t matter. He was still a “racist.” And responsible for all the incorrigible anti-vaxxers.

Trump’s three nominees to the Supreme Court were attacked viciously by the usual suspects. And his loyalists, when confronted with the stark evidence of his inactivity as president, invariably point to them as his greatest accomplishment. Except that one of them, Amy Coney Barrett, votes against him every time. Brett Kavanaugh is hit or miss. Only Neil Gorsuch has been pretty decent. And yet, those with Trump Derangement syndrome (and it is a very real mental disorder) continue to portray them as right-wing extremists. White Supremacists. Perhaps “insurrectionists.” Like Trump, they are guilty of Thought Crimes they never committed. We’ll see how they rule on his politicized prosecutions and remaining electoral disputes. So far, their track record doesn’t give much hope to MAGA loyalists.

So let’s look at these Trump show trials. I don’t know what the Soviet legal process really was like, before they sent dissidents off to Siberia, but how much more corrupt could it have been? Trump was convicted, and forced to pay millions, to a certifiable lunatic, who paints her trees blue and named her cat vagina. For sexually assaulting her in a crowded department store dressing room, at some point in the 1990s. She couldn’t recall the exact year. Seriously. And she is on the record having joked about having sex with Donald Trump on social media. She is the poster child for uncredible witnesses. But a jury, and one of the endless biased judges assigned to Trump’s cases, ruled in her favor. As the “Woke” White women say, “I believe her!”

Trump just lost again (he always loses, this is part of the Trumpenstein Project), in a ridiculous case where he “defrauded” well…not sure who, exactly, but his “crime” was exaggerating the value of his assets. You know, something pretty much everyone has done. Those who loaned him the money said he paid them back properly. In other words, they were witnesses for him. But Judge Nosferatu (and there is really no more appropriate name for him) ruled against him anyway and ordered him to pay an Alex Jones-like $400 million. Since there was no party claiming to have been injured or defrauded, it’s unclear where that money is going. But the millions who hate him are overjoyed. Well, not exactly. They won’t be satisfied until he’s hung in Times Square. Do it on New Year’s Eve and have him swing along with the giant ball.

In Georgia, Trump is being prosecuted for trying to “overturn” an election. By “overturn,” the “Woke” authoritarians mean legally attempting to get the courts to act on what Trump and his team believe is clear electoral fraud. In the same state, the lovely Stacy Abrams continues to insist she was robbed in her race for governor. Somehow, this is not an attempt to “overturn” an election. I’m sure Rachel Maddow could explain the distinction. And the even more lovely Fani Willis is large and in charge here. If Trump really is a racist, he must be feeling like unreconstructed southerners felt in the late 1860s, on being “represented” in Congress by illiterate former slaves. If he ever were to utter a racial epithet, now would be the time.

TDS has claimed millions of victims. It’s nonfatal in physical terms, but it is absolutely lethal to the intellect. I’ve seen many a friend fall victim to it. It causes one to lose all sense of perspective. The victim begins to believe that the intelligence agencies, the military industrial complex, and the mainstream media are all fine and worthwhile institutions. They actually believe that Trumpenstein opposes these forces, which represent the Deep State he talked about. The Swamp he vowed to drain. And so George W. Bush is now a hero. He opposed Trump! Demonic Dick Cheney’s vile offspring Liz is now the sexiest thing since Michelle Obama. Forget about the dead intern in Joe Scarborough’s old congressional office. He hates Trump!

To those with TDS, all politics is viewed through the prism of Trumpenstein. Because Trump spoke out against the “senseless wars,” those who hate him have to be in favor of war. See “I stand with Ukraine.” Because Trump criticized our Third World infrastructure, those who hate him want the roads, bridges, and power grids to remain in their present laughable state. Except for getting rid of any “racist” roads. And rest assured that the saintly Joe Biden will see to that. He’ll be on it like it was a little girl with the fresh scent of No More Tangles in her hair. Since Trump often hinted at conspiratorial thinking, those with TDS can no longer believe in any conspiracies. Well, except “Russiagate.” And the Trump-directed January 6 “insurrection.”

The only issue where they face a real dilemma is the COVID vaccine. Despite 90+ percent of his supporters being skeptical about it, Trump continues to tirelessly promote it. And yet, while all those with TDS enthusiastically embrace the vaccine, they curiously manage to ignore the fact that their sworn enemy claims credit for it. While Trump threw the January 6 protesters under the bus by not marching with them as he promised, didn’t pardon them before leaving office, and rarely mentions them in his circus barker rallies, he is still blasted for orchestrating the entire thing. His speech proves he didn’t “incite” anyone (he told them to march “peacefully and patriotically”), yet the media, and all those with TDS, insist he did. To them, the worst overreaction to a protest in history becomes “an attempt to overthrow democracy.”

We have seen several states take another unprecedented step, in voting to bar Donald Trump, a former president and current frontrunner in the polls, from their ballots. To their credit, the Supreme Court just voted 9-0 in Trump’s favor on this question. But the attempt illustrates the role of this scripted spectacle. All’s fair in the Trumpenstein Project. Politicized prosecutions. Efforts to prevent him from running again. The leadership of the Republicucks- his own supposed party- continues to be repelled by even the possibility of Making American Great Again, let alone emphasizing America First. Yes, Trump never says “America First” any longer. But it’s still an ominous prospect for those suffering with TDS. Can you imagine the horror of putting your own country’s interests first?

People in Donald Trump’s social and financial class, even if they aren’t ex-presidents of the United States, don’t get prosecuted. They are unequivocally above the law. The courts are primarily for convicting poor and working-class defendants who are often innocent. You can scour the huge prison system in this country, and you won’t find any former One Percenters incarcerated there. The system is designed to protect them, in the extremely rare instances where they are actually charged with a crime. Those with Trump’s resources should have a “Dream Team” of legal representatives that puts O.J.’s lawyers to shame. Instead, Trump’s lawyers have all been laughingstocks, the kind a ghetto denizen might get assigned to him. And unlike every wealthy man before him, Trump cannot seem to win in any courtroom.

This should give the Trumpenstein Project away. It’s designed for Trump to lose consistently. While he and his supporters continue to nonsensically claim he’s “winning.” The script calls for the Giant Orange Man- representing the last gasp of White alpha masculinity- to be defeated over and over again, usually at the hands of arrogant, ignorant Affirmative Action hires like Fani Willis and company. Like the Stupid Party he represents, Trump is basically the Washington Generals, being defeated in every game, by the lovable all-Black Harlem Globetrotters. Who openly cheat, and always have the referees on their side. It’s somewhat of an allegory for life in America 2.0, as far as average White Americans are concerned.

Trumpenstein has destroyed traditional American politics. The childish, cafeteria food fights on social media. The immature nicknames. Trump’s penis size even made it into a 2016 presidential debate, when he insisted he didn’t have small hands, and that “trust me,” the other thing wasn’t small, either. The more extreme TDS patients call him “micro-penis.” If things devolve logically, perhaps Trump will just whip it out at the next presidential debate. You can bet his fans would cheer it on. If it looks big, expect his millions of haters to call it “fake news.” Despite the term originating with Trump, everyone uses it now, to dismiss something they don’t like. They even denigrated the looks of Melania Trump, the most beautiful First Lady in history.

The Trumpenstein Project was designed to tap into the widespread populist sentiment in the country, and control it with this larger than life contrived personality. The political show trials are symbolic prosecutions of any real potential dissent. The independent political movement was destroyed by Trump. RFK, Jr. claims to still be polling at over twenty percent. If so, by their own debate rules, they have to let him participate. I just don’t see them allowing that. Any halfway competent individual would expose Joe Biden’s dementia in a debate. But not Trumpenstein. He can be counted on to bluster and bully, and make the helpless old codger-in-chief look sympathetic. That’s the Trumpenstein Project.

Thanks to this giant psyop, there will never be a viable Third Party movement in this country. Not that there was much of a chance before, but now virtually all Americans, having been subjected to this intensive programming, are back mired in the two disastrous “choices” or Democrat or Republican. Evil vs. stupid. The millions afflicted with TDS must vote for the putrid Democrats, regardless of wars, censorship, and massive inflation. Because Trump. The millions who cling naively to Trump will vote Republican Because Trump as well. Both parties “care about the children.” Both insist on a “strong defense.” Support the troops. Respect the police. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Unless you’re a billionaire or an illegal immigrant. “Hate Speech” isn’t free speech. Say “African-American” three times and click your heels.

In the days before Trump, things were awful. There was never any one worth voting for. Thus, the popularity of choosing “the lesser of two evils.” It was accepted by all that two evils would always be the choice. To be fair, Trump has at least made politics more exciting. When he’s attacking the unspeakably evil Democrats, or their insufferable mouthpieces in the media, it’s hard not to applaud. Or at least laugh. I am rooting for Trump to be selected as president again this year. Not because I think he’ll do anything good. But for the sheer entertainment value. CNN and MSNBC would become must-watch TV. It’s surely a sad commentary on the “world’s greatest democracy” that this is the best we can hope for.