"Trumpism Created This" - Former NOLA Mayor Says DEI Depts Not Responsible For Jewish Safety On Campus

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 08, 2023 - 10:20 PM

Reflecting on the now viral testimony from the various Ivy League presidents this week - variously refusing to condemn calls for genocide against Jews on campus - CNBC anchor Sara Eisen dared to go there with former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial asking him what he made of their comments in light of the growing antisemitism on American campuses.

Morial claimed that he "did not see the testimony" but was careful immediately make it clear he is not an anti-semite and condemns all hate, adding the ubiquitous statement that "I believe in free speech, but free speech is not hate speech."

Eisen was not done, asking:

"Given your experience with DEI departments, do you think that something has gone a little rotten in some of these programs at campuses... and whether they really are 'all-inclusive' when it comes to protecting diversity, equity, and inclusion?"

Morial snapped back that "I think that type of argument is a diversion."

"It is scapegoating programs that have at their core the necessity to include all people," and then he drops the narrative-hammer...

"...what has created all this is... Trumpism."

Of course, how stupid of us all! It had to be Trump, as Morial then claimed the actions on January 6th and in Charlottesville have created this antisemitic ground-swell on campuses.

But, the CNBC anchor halted his diatribe earlier, asking pointedly"

"...then why can't these DEI departments protect Jewish students on campuses right now and make them feel safe?"

Morial immediately exposed the reality of these virtue-signaling programs in one damning sentence:

"The responsibility to protect Jewish students is not with the DEI departments," adding that it is on the board of trustees and leaders of universities before falling back to the old trope that "free speech is not hate speech." (for multiple definitions of 'hate').

So, now you know - Jewish students should not count on the help of the departments set up to ensure the safety and inclusion of various religions (except Judaism), races, and nationalities (except Israelis).

Watch the full exchange below: