Tucker And Farage: Why Aren't Muslim Countries Taking Muslim Refugees?

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 30, 2023 - 10:38 PM

Tucker Carlson sat down with former UK politician Nigel Farage to discuss where refugees from current conflicts in the Middle East should go, considering that there will be "hundreds of thousands, possibly millions" of them in the coming weeks, months and years.

Carlson posited a scenario in which Israel is asked to take in refugees who hate them.

"So if you were to suggest 'well why isn't Israel take them in, it's their War', the response you would get would be... 'that's insane these people are dangerous.'"

Likewise, a country with Christian roots such as the United States - which feels it should try to help people, should remember that "the duty of any government its primary duty is the Integrity of its own country and its citizens," Carlson continued.

Carlson then observes that there's a distinct lack of voices calling for countries with booming economies, such as China, to bear the refugee load. Why instead are Christian countries, historically bastions of refuge, the only ones saddled with this "obligation"?

"It's interesting that no one ever says well China's got the fastest-growing economy in the world they have an obligation to take in millions of refugees," he said.

Farage noted the UK's "great history in the UK of taking refugees," noting that "they did very, very well in Commerce, Finance, the military in our country," in terms of persecuted groups that the country has taken in throughout history.

But juxtapose this with the recent waves of refugees, and a disturbing pattern emerges. A significant number of these refugees, especially from regions like Gaza, are potential sympathizers of extremist groups like Hamas. Given the spate of extremist-driven incidents in the West, particularly in the UK, one can't help but wonder: are Western countries knowingly or unknowingly sowing the seeds of their own societal unrest?

"So if you take any significant number from Gaza into our country, you will have a significant percentage of Hamas sympathizers and supporters among them," said Carlson.

To which Farage replied: "And if anyone should take them Tucker, shouldn't it be the Egyptians? Shouldn't it be the Saudis? Shouldn't it be their co-religionists in that part of the world? And how interesting that Saudi Arabia didn't take a single person from Syria because they were worried of the impact it would have on Saudi Society. Right. And the same goes for Egypt."

Marxism and 'conservative cowardice.'

According to Farage, "We have allowed the virus of Marxism to take hold in our countries," noting how Britain and the United States are being indoctrinated with a toxic blend of guilt over their colonial pasts, allegations of institutional racism, and a host of other divisive narratives. All the while, conservative voices, which could counter this downward spiral, remain silenced by a spineless media establishment.

"Conservative cowardice through politics and media has led to so very much of this," he continued.