Tucker Talks Illegal Immigration: "Country Changing Faster Than Ever...But Not Through Democratic Means"

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 13, 2023 - 05:00 PM

Tucker Carlson dived into the third-rail topic of illegal immigration, and the growing crisis at America's southern border that an increasing number of Democrat governors and mayors are now recognizing is unsustainable.

Emphasizing its significant impact on the fundamental nature of nations, Carlson expressed concern that the character and success of a nation are inevitably shaped by its population and that unchecked demographic shifts can lead to chaos.

He warns that US leadership is turning a blind eye to these dramatic changes driven by mass immigration, underscoring his point by stating:

"The result is a country, our country, that is changing faster than it ever has but not through Democratic means."

Todd Benman, a journalist and author, shared insights with Carlson from his experiences on the border, revealing an alarming increase in illegal immigration rates.

These figures have surpassed all previous records, with daily apprehensions reaching an astounding 14,000 individuals:

"This mass migration crisis of the last 36 months... broke every record in the national history books already."

As the conversation progressed, the topic shifted to how these demographic changes are transforming places like Texas, with challenges to public order and shifts in political balances.

Even more worrisome, Benman warns of national security issues:

"We've had a record-breaking number of immigrants apprehended who are on the FBI's terrorism watch list."

Finally, a European perspective was offered by Dominik Tarczynski, a European Parliament member from Poland.

He championed Poland's rigid stance on illegal immigration, linking the policy to the nation's security track record.

As Tarczynski succinctly put it, "Zero illegal migration equals zero terrorist attacks. The safest place in Europe - Poland."

Carlson concludes by asking what advice Tarczynski would give Republican lawmakers now, a year out from an election (who Carlson says are "cowards" for not pushing back against Democrats). Tarczynski's advice is simple:

"Be brave... or you will not exist. Be brave... believe in your values, believe in family. Don't talk about it, do it! This is war, this is not a joke."

Watch the full discussion below:

(3:00) Todd Bensman at the Border
(5:40) Guaranteed Entry into America
(13:20) Dominik Tarczynski
(18:50) "Not one illegal immigrant in Poland. Ever."