UK Cops Ridiculed For Saying (Still At Large) London Acid Attacker Could Be "North, South, East, West, Or Abroad"

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Feb 10, 2024 - 02:20 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

The London acid attacker is nowhere to be found, which police being ridiculed for saying he could be “north, south, east, west or abroad”.

12 people were injured, including two children, when Abdul Ezedi threw a “corrosive substance” at them in Clapham, south London last week.

Police initially failed to put out a proper description of the suspect for nearly 24 hours, and he has been on the loose ever since.

Now authorities are facing ridicule for basically admitting they have no idea where Ezedi has gone.

“He could have gone north, he could have gone east, south, west, or he could have gone abroad,” said Metropolitan Police Cmdr Savile, adding that his body could also be in the River Thames.

The ridicule followed.

Maybe if Ezedi had sent a transphobic tweet, he would have been caught immediately.

Compare the manhunt for Ezedi, an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan, to that of Raoul Moat, a British native.

Moat’s disappearance was one of the biggest stories of the decade and the police operation to find him the subject of 24/7 news coverage, while Ezedi’s disappearance is now barely a headline at all a week later.

Ezedi should have been deported years ago after committing multiple sex crimes, although he was given asylum on his third application.

Experts and authorities both say that Ezedi was likely helped by members of “the community” to disappear and hide, meaning other illegal immigrants, people traffickers and Muslims.

Proving once again how “diversity is our greatest strength.”

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