UK Govt Staff Asked To Check Pronouns Of Co-Workers Before Assuming Gender Identity

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Nov 30, 2023 - 07:00 AM

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People working for the government in the UK have been told that they should check what pronouns their colleagues prefer and not assume they know the gender their co-workers identify as.

The Telegraph reports that civil servants were advised to take the measures in an internal memo that asked staff to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, one of several calendar days earmarked for LGBTQ+ themed activities.

The report further notes that the director general of trade negotiations in the Department for Business and Trade told staff that the event “encourages us to pause to commemorate those whose lives have been lost due to intolerance”.

The memo also contained a diatribe from a non-binary staff member who expressed a desire for “actions that I’d like to see colleagues take to work towards removing stigma and build [sic] a culture where we are open and inclusive of our trans colleagues.”

The memo continues, “Checking people’s email signatures for their pronouns and not assuming colleagues’ pronouns, are both simple things that I know can make acknowledging gender diversity part of our daily discourse.”

It adds, “Joining DBTs LGBTQ+ Network is also a way to support your LGBTQ+ colleagues and keep up to date with current issues the community is facing.”

In response to the revelation, Helen Joyce, director of advocacy for the campaign group Sex Matters, told The Telegraph: “Telling civil servants to check each other’s emails for pronouns is downright nasty, and it’s very worrying that a senior official endorsed a memo suggesting such uncollegial and bigoted behaviour.”

Joyce also argues that the Transgender Day of Remembrance amplifies false claims that “trans people in the UK are at elevated risk of murder or other violence – a claim that is unsupported by the evidence.”

She noted “The day is supposed to feature the deaths of trans-identified people caused by ‘transphobia’, and is used to circulate baseless claims that trans people face outsize risk of violence. These are in turn used to suggest that doctors must give cross-sex hormones and genital surgery to trans-identified people on demand, and everyone else must pretend that trans people are the sex they claim to be, not the sex they actually are.”

“If these demands are rejected, trans lobby groups engage in emotional blackmail, claiming that the result will be trans people dying by violence or suicide,” Joyce further asserts.

She concludes that “All employers, including DBT, should think carefully about the risk of claims against them for discrimination and harassment of gender-critical employees if they allow themselves to be used as mouthpieces for evidence-free and inflammatory lobbying.”

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