US Army Struggling To Recruit White Soldiers And The Reason Is Obvious

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jan 11, 2024 - 08:40 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

People reacted to the news that the U.S. Army is struggling to recruit white soldiers by asking why they would want to serve a regime that hates them.

A review of internal data by exposes why Army leadership are so concerned.

“A total of 44,042 new Army recruits were categorized by the service as white in 2018, but that number has fallen consistently each year to a low of 25,070 in 2023, with a 6% dip from 2022 to 2023 being the most significant drop. No other demographic group has seen such a precipitous decline, though there have been ups and downs from year to year,” reports the website.

In 2023, the Army missed its recruiting goal of 65,000 soldiers by a shortfall of 10,000, with just 44% of new recruits categorized as white in 2023 compared to 56.4% in 2018.

In that same time frame, the percentage of black and Hispanic recruits increased as a percentage.

“The rate at which white recruitment has fallen far outpaces nationwide demographic shifts, data experts and Army officials interviewed by noted. They don’t see a single cause to the recruiting problem, but pointed to a confluence of issues for Army recruiting, including partisan scrutiny of the service, a growing obesity epidemic and an underfunded public education system.”

However, many respondents on X pointed to an emphasis on diversity hires and general denigration of white people by the establishment as a primary reason for the collapse in white recruits.

“I am shocked young white men are refusing to sign up to die for a government that hates them,” wrote one.

“It’s almost like we don’t want to risk our lives for a country that spits in our face daily,” remarked another.

“They’d be foolish to risk their lives defending a regime that hates them,” added another.

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley previously asserted that the U.S. Military should strive for greater ‘racial diversity’, essentially arguing that the Army was too white.

He followed that up by telling a House armed services committee that he wanted to “understand white rage,” which was seen as a partisan comment aimed at white conservatives given that the country had just experienced a year of BLM rioting.

During the second term of the Obama administration, the White House was also pushing the notion that the Army was staffed with “too many whites” and men in general.

The Biden administration has also relentlessly pushed the narrative that the biggest terror threat in the United States is driven by radicalized white men.

Is it any wonder that white men don’t want to serve a regime that has vilified and demonized them for years?

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