Vivek Blasts Nikki Haley's "Childish Tantrum" Over Israeli Attacks; Warns Carlson "That's A Formula For World War III"

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023 - 02:40 PM

"No decent person can watch the video of young people being murdered at a music festival in southern Israel without feeling horrified. It's awful, and there's no excusing it, no matter what you think of Israel's policies in Gaza," Vivek Ramaswamy told Tucker Carlson during their discussion yesterday.

But, Ramaswamy makes a crucial point. As American politicians start warmongering and threatening, he highlights the importance of American leaders prioritizing the protection and improvement of the United States.

"If you serve in the US Congress or in the executive branch of government, you have a moral duty to think this way. It's your job. You serve the United States and its population. You have no moral authority except to the extent that you represent your fellow Americans."

The GOP presidential candidate criticizes the reckless and aggressive rhetoric from some American politicians, including Nikki Haley ("Finish Them!") and Lindsey Graham, who advocate for military action and war with Iran, questioning the wisdom and long-term thinking behind such calls for war; and emphasizes the need for clear red lines in foreign policy decisions.

"This is not sober leadership; she's a child, and this is the tantrum of a child - ignorant, bloodthirsty. Yet no one in Washington scolded her for it. In fact, they aped her hysteria."

The conversation shifts to concerns about the potential escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict into a broader conflict involving Iran and its allies.

Carlson outlines the catastrophic consequences such a war could have:

"Once a war like that starts, you could easily imagine the use of nuclear weapons and all that entails—millions dead, the collapse of the global economy."

Vivek highlights the danger of pursuing war with Iran and the potential consequences, such as further destabilization in the Middle East, economic fallout, and energy crises, reiterating the importance of American leaders putting the interests of the United States first and avoiding military entanglements that do not serve American interests.

“That’s a formula for getting to World War III. And if you’re someone like a Nikki Haley who is going to profit from World World III, I think you’re disqualified from being president of the United States,” he said.

He added it is a bad idea for America to get into a war with Iran, predicting that Israel will successfully defeat Hamas and said America should give limited military support to Israel. However, ground troops should be left off the table.

Watch the fill interview below:

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5:45 - Intelligence Failure
7:00 - Billions for Iran and Ukraine
7:55 - Dan Crenshaw
9:00 - Selective Moral Outrage
12:30 - U.S. Problems
19:00 - "Finish Them"
20:00 - War with Iran
23:15 - Money Corrupts Politics