Vivek Slams CNN For 'Egregious Interference' After Town Hall Answers Go Viral

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Dec 31, 2023 - 09:05 PM

2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy slammed CNN for what he characterized as 'egregious interference' with the Iowa GOP caucus for allegedly cutting his Town Hall short and then threatening his campaign with a cease-and-desist for posting it to YouTube (while allowing Nikki Haley to do the same).

"CNN’s egregious interference with the Iowa GOP caucus is offensive," Ramaswamy wrote. "My CNN town hall with the voters here went so well that they cut it off early & then threatened our campaign with a cease-and-desist for posting it on YouTube, while Nikki Haley’s scripted CNN town hall from 6 months ago is still up."

Basically, Vivek has been rocking audiences - giving clear, solid answers to various 'gotchas' and clearly swaying those in attendance.

During the CNN town hall, anchor Abby Phillip tried a new tactic to defuse Ramaswamy and disrupt his ability to convey the facts:  She simply kept talking over top of him, contradicting his statements and then refused to give him an opportunity to answer back.  

The strategy did not work quite as well as she might have hoped, as Vivek trampled her expertly.  

Also, take 8 minutes to watch a recent answer on reverse-racism.

He also nailed a Civil War question: