Watch: Antifa Guy's Epic Fail When He Tries To Get Muslim Girls Onside With Child Sex Changes

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 06, 2023 - 08:45 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

By far the most hilarious and telling moment of the chaotic Pro-Palestine demonstrations in London this past weekend was a masked Antifa type attempting and failing to win support among some young muslim girls for child sex changes.

The encounter happened when activist Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, was accosted by the black garbed Antifa guy over a sandwich board he was wearing that read “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

The guy called Elston a “f**king fascist” and accused him of “enforcing the parent’s control over a person’s body,” as well as being an ‘intimidating’, and argued that “children are not being sterilised,” after Elston told him that “all the trans experts themselves will tell you” that puberty blockers are sterilising children.

The Antifa guy then bizarrely attempted to set a group of muslim women on Elston, telling them “This guy is trying to propagate anti-LGBTQ propaganda. He is trying to tell children they are not allowed be trans.” 

“Yeah, they are not,” one of the girls responded, siding with Elston much to the shock of the Antifa thug who immediately said “f*ck you” to the woman and attempted to get away from the scene.

“In some religions, you can’t do that, you have to respect that,” one of the women added, with another stating “In the three Abrahamic religions LGBTQ is forbidden.”

“In some religions, you can do that, but not in our religion. So we don’t agree with your faith,” the first girl reiterated to the ski-masked guy.

The exchange perfectly highlighted how deranged leftists are attempting and miserably failing to glom on to the protests, or riots as they probably more accurately should be labeled, to push their own usual agendas.

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