Watch: Baseless Gender Ideology Cartoon Now Part Of 4th Grade Curriculum In Wisconsin

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 - 07:45 PM

The case in favor of homeschooling is growing by the day.  Multiple public school districts in the state of Wisconsin officially added gender fluid ideology as a part if their controversial "Human Growth and Development" curriculum that earned heat from critics in 2022.  While Wisconsin allows districts to tailor their own sex education programs and not all districts are the same, basic lessons in many districts include teaching "gender role stereotypes" to second graders, third graders are urged to investigate their gender identity and sixth graders are instructed to refer to girls as "a person with a vulva."

For 4th and 5th graders in the Superior School District of Wisconsin, the 2023-2024 required resource list includes a cartoon produced by the Canadian Public Broadcasting Service (CBC) called 'Gender Explained.'  This is what they are now teaching to 9-year-olds in WI:

Below is the the portion of the Superior District required curriculum resources list that includes the CBC cartoon:

Gender ideology was initially taught covertly to children by activist teachers across the US, with teacher unions and organizations quietly encouraging the practice while also pushing for secrecy from parents.  Progressives denied the practice for years, claiming that accusations were "paranoia and conspiracy theory" despite ample evidence to the contrary, including teacher's own confessions on social media. 

After exposure became widespread and parents realized that their children were being indoctrinated into the far-left fold instead of being taught reading, writing and arithmetic, the uproar did not lead to a change in momentum or an apology from schools.  Rather, Democrat states and school districts doubled down, admitted that they were teaching gender fluidity to kids and started officially adding the lessons to the curriculum.  This has been the case in Wisconsin.

Gender identity started as a fringe movement attached to LGBT organizations, but it has quickly mutated into a sweeping sociopolitical movement with the help of the entertainment industry, social media, corporate propaganda and most of all, public school teachers.  Studies show a huge spike in trans identifying children from 2017-2021, right as gender curriculum was being secretly introduced in classrooms. 

Trends among young people often die as quickly as they are adopted; the problem is that schools and government organizations are institutionalizing the trans fantasy as if it is proven science.

Keep in mind, there is no concrete scientific evidence supporting the notion that "gender" exists separate from biological sex, or that gender identity is fluid outside of an extremely rare mental illness known as gender dysphoria.  In fact, trans activists have organized in an attempt to have studies disproving gender theory removed from major scientific journals. 

For example, in March, activists were able to force a retraction on technical grounds of a paper on gender dysphoria by one of the world’s largest academic publishers, Springer Nature, which publishes Nature magazine and Scientific American.  The paper found a large number of parents of gender dysphoric children said that their children suffered from long standing preexisting mental health issues.  The study also reported a large number of parents surveyed thought their children’s gender dysphoria resulted from social contagion.  In other words, kids are jumping on the bandwagon because it is seen as trendy, or because they are being brainwashed.