Watch: Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Provides Nation With Alternative View Of The State Of The Union

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Mar 10, 2024 - 09:25 PM

"I want to respectfully present an alternative view of the State of The Union," retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor said in a video posted on X. 

Macgregor begins by explaining how the Constitution mandates that the government promote the general welfare. This obligates Washington to secure the basic necessities of life, such as energy, food, and shelter. 

"Regrettably, the current administration is failing to perform these tasks," Macgregor said. 

The combat war veteran and former senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense under the Trump administration, who is now the CEO of the media company "Our Country, Our Choice," said Biden claims the economy is booming but noted that "much of it comes from government spending and employment," adding that the government share of GDP is 42%—including federal, state, and local spending. 

"This outrageous share is similar to what it was in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s—before the collapse. Rampant inflation stemming from this government share of the economy makes it difficult for families to buy nutritious food," Macgregor said. 

He touched on runaway inflation, which has decimated households in recent years, indicating that families are struggling to survive in the era of failed Bidenomics. 

Macgregor segways into an ominous warning that ZeroHedge readers have understood for years: "Our national security is compromised." 

He warned about broken supply chains, power plants, and manufacturing facilities lacking critical spare parts. He blasted "ill-conceived domestic policies" that have sparked widespread job loss and homelessness. 

Macgregor then focused on how decades of empire-building have drained America's resources. 

He pivoted back to the bloated government, explaining that there are between 12 and 25 million government workers and contractors. He added that this is all happening as national sovereign debt skyrockets to $34 trillion—or $1 trillion every three months. 

"It's impossible to drain the swamp with unsound money and colossal debt that we cannot sustain," Macgregor said. 

He continued: "Tragically, DC beltway politicians are controlled by the so-called donor class. This form of corruption is enabled by a cancerous central banking system ... this ruling class orchestrates endless wars, enriching themselves and their cronies while sending our soldiers to serve in foreign lands of marginal strategic interest to the United States." 

Macgregor then warned about the invasion on the open southern border, indicating, "This uncontrolled influx is straining our resources, overwhelming our communities, and destroying our prosperity." 

"Reckless calls to defund and punish the police have crippled law enforcement. Officers are underfunded, undermanned, and unable to protect our citizens, making our cities unsafe for all, especially women, children, and the elderly," he said. 

Listen to Macgregor's alternative State of The Union speech compared with Biden's ridiculous speech, which focused on funding Ukraine and anti-Trump talk. 

Perhaps Macgregor is the kind of leader this nation needs to save it from globalists and radical leftists who attempt a controlled demolition.