Watch: Dr. Phil Explains The Insanity Of "Gender Affirming Care" Laws That Remove Parental Rights

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 - 01:40 AM

It cannot be denied, there has been a massive institutional effort underway in the past several years to normalize trans ideology in the western world.  Billions of dollars from corporate and NGO backers flows into a swarm of DEI programs pushing gender fluid theory and a host of state and national governments are attempting to codify the movement into law.  This includes making it a "hate crime" to merely question the validity of trans concepts.

A vital pillar of the trans normalization agenda is the targeting of children as young as preschool age with propaganda, and perhaps the most important element of this is the mechanism of public schooling.  Without the involvement of government controlled schools and woke teachers unions, the trans trend would probably not exist at all. 

The reaction by the majority of parents has been shock, followed by anger and a growing move to demand an explanation.  Instead of addressing the concerns of parents in a reasonable way, leftists have instead sought to remove them from the discussion entirely. 

Not long ago, this agenda was denied as "conspiracy theory" by educational organizations and the corporate media.  Today, it is openly admitted.  In blue states like Washington, there are already laws in place to allow for sex change surgeries for minors without parental consent.  Illinois Democrats are trying to pass a law which would make it a crime for parents to interfere with sex change treatments or abortions for their children.  In Canada, the same laws are being implemented on a national scale. 

The strategy operates under the guise of "children's rights and safety" while separating parents from kids and giving the state control over children's psychological and physical healthcare.  In other words, the mutilation of children is being established as a political imperative and concerned parents are treated as the enemy.  In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, psychologist and talk-show host Dr. Phil explains his take on the trans situation and the insanity of government interference in parental affairs.

Only ten years ago, such a debate was unthinkable.  Today, sadly, it's all too real.  With zero scientific evidence in support, the trans movement rationalizes the legal isolation of children from their families in the name of "gender affirming care."  And, as Dr. Phil and Joe Rogan point out, once isolated, vulnerable children can be convinced of almost anything.  The promise of feeling "special" and accepted by the collective is a temptation for many kids; peer pressure is real.  The only thing holding them back from making terrible decisions is the wisdom and love of parents who are now being increasingly marginalized by the state.