Watch: Hillary Clinton Snaps At Heckler Who Blasts Her Support For "War-Mongering" Joe Biden

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 - 12:40 AM

With international headlines once again floating the possibility of WW3, this time connected with Israel-Gaza events and not Ukraine, the White House is coming under growing criticism for Biden's mishandling of world events and major geopolitical flashpoints. Many pundits have of late observed that Democrats have become the "war party" - having escalated the situation in both Ukraine and the Middle East, given the billions in US weaponry being poured into hot wars but with no sense or plans for an "off ramp". 

These tensions spilled out into the open during an even featuring Hillary Clinton, herself a Democratic hawk who oversaw 'dirty wars' in Libya and Syria as then Secretary of State. She weighed in on foreign conflicts as part of a panel for the Institute of Global Politics at Columbia University on Monday. A heated back-and-forth at one point erupted as an activist stood up to challenge Clinton over her support for "war-mongering" President Joe Biden.

It happened at about 30-minutes into the event, but lasted a number of minutes. Clinton snapped and yelled for the man to "sit down". During the charged exchange Clinton, who clearly lost patience, pleaded with the man, "Well, then sit down. We’ve heard your opinion, thank you very much," and additionally tried to respond to his criticisms by saying during the tense situation, "I’m sorry, but some of us are on Team America despite our flaws." The man was later identified as Robert Castle of the Schiller Institute, a group set up by the late Lyndon LaRouche, which often shows up to high profile speaking events to loudly protest. "She's trying to push us to WW3!" the man shouted as security tried to usher him out of the room. Clinton immediately responded, "Oh please!Watch below: