Watch: LAPD Unmasks UCLA Agitators

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 03, 2024 - 06:05 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

As the LAPD stormed onto the campus of UCLA Thursday night to end illegal encampments by agitators, they unmasked some of those they arrested and exposed their faces to the cameras.

The COVID face mask has been adopted wholesale by the rabid wannabe Marxists, purely as a way of hiding their identity while virtue signalling their politics to each other.

The police were having none of it and removed masks, prompting some of those they arrested to desperately try to hide their faces.

The first agitator in the footage there was part of a group complaining the day before about not being protected enough by police, despite the fact that they want the police abolished:

In a bizarre word salad , she claimed that UCLA is “founded on colonialism,” and complained about it somehow being involved with foreign wars and Zionism and police brutality against black and brown people… or something.

These people all sound and act like they’re in a cult.

As police advanced on the encampment last night, all hell broke loose.

Over 200 arrests were made.

Some residents helped the cops breach the encampment, and were immediately labelled “Zionists” and “terrorists”:

At one point a cop tore down a Palestinian flag and discarded it like trash, angering the mob:

The enlightened progressives sure did make the campus look like a third world shit hole in a heartbeat.

Who is going to clean that up?

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