Watch: Leftist Activists Across The US Call For "Intifada" In Support Of Palestinians

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 - 05:25 PM

It is perhaps one of the strangest political alliances in existence today - The political left's infatuation with Muslim extremism and supporting Islamic causes, despite the fact that the majority of leftists would likely be imprisoned or worse in Islamic countries for their beliefs. 

Regardless of a person's position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, it cannot be denied that Muslim culture is inherently hostile to progressive concepts like women's rights, gay rights, diversity and inclusion, sexual revolution, etc.  Opposition to trans ideology in particular is one of the few areas, in fact, where orthodox Muslims and conservatives in the US tend to find common ground.  In other words, Muslims have little or nothing in common with the political left in the west.  

Where the movements seem to intersect is up for debate, but it is clear that leftist activists are quick to jump on any opportunity to provoke violent deconstruction.  The past couple days have given rise to a series of leftist rallies, mostly in blue enclaves and university environments, all across the US.  People bearing rainbow flags and Palestinian flags are calling for "one solution" - A violent intifada.

The rallies all appear to be tied to far-left groups from Antifa to LGBT groups.

From Portland, Orgeon... New York.

Even BLM wants in on the Intifada...

How leftist activists plan to reconcile their support of Islamic extremism with their own ideological taboos remains to be seen.  Furthermore, with the majority of Democrat politicians including Biden publicly in favor of Israel, one wonders if there will be a considerable split in the Democrat party if the conflict continues to escalate beyond the borders of Gaza.