Watch: Migrant TikToker Tells Other Illegals How To "Invade" Homes In America

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 21, 2024 - 02:00 AM

The Marxist destruction of private property rights is on full display after a viral video circulating TikTok, then posted on X, shows a migrant informing other migrants how to "invade" unoccupied homes across America and take advantage of progressive squatting laws. 

"I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it," the migrant said in a video on TikTok, which Collin Rugg first posted on X. 

The migrant said he has African friends who have taken over seven homes thanks to squatting laws. 

The video is very concerning because progressive squatting laws are getting out of control. These laws are being abused, and landlords are being screwed. 

Take, for instance, a woman who found her home full of people squatting illegally was arrested this week for changing the door locks. 

"It's starting to feel like illegal immigrants have more rights than actual citizens," one X user said. 

Here's what other x users are saying:

What baffles some is why squatters even have rights in the first place. 

Americans owning multiple properties should be alert for migrants attempting to seize their home.