Watch: Pelosi Goes On Unhinged Rant About Trump Being 'Blackmailed' By Putin

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 - 10:44 AM

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Nancy Pelosi has once again floated the tired conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is controlled by Vladimir Putin, and that the Russian leader is blackmailing Trump with “something financial.”

Appearing on MSNBC with Democrat mouthpiece Jen Psaki, the pair claimed Trump is a “fanboy” of Putin and that he “encourages” Putin to invade NATO countries.

“Putin is among the top three or four evil people in the world,” Pelosi ranted, before stating “What does he have on Donald Trump that he has to be constantly catering to Putin?”

She went on to claim that Trump, whose name she struggled to remember, has “brought disgrace,” to the White House and “didn’t consider it an honour” to serve as President or take seriously the oath to defend the Constitution.

“He is a person without values,” Pelosi further whined, adding “he looks like he’s going to be a person without dollars either,” gloating about the clearly political indictments against Trump.

“I don’t know what [Putin] has on him, but it’s probably financial, or something on the come, something he expects to get,” Pelosi hissed.

She also claimed that Trump is “telling Putin to go into these countries, NATO countries,” without saying what countries she was referring to, adding that “NATO is there to stop Russia, to keep Russia out.”

Ukraine is not a part of NATO.


The comments come in the wake of Pelosi’s conspiracy bosom buddy Hillary Clinton claiming that Trump is “enamoured with Putin,” and is going to use the Army to round up Americans if he gets back into office.

The Russiagate nonsense was investigated at a huge cost to the taxpayer and turned up precisely nothing other than the fact that Hillary’s own campaign paid for the fabricated dossier that was held up as ‘evidence’ of Russian interference.

Talk about flogging a dead horse, These two deranged women just cannot stop with this never ending witch hunt:

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