Watch: Pro-Palestinian Mob Shuts Down Minneapolis Street, Terrorizes Motorists

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 23, 2023 - 05:11 PM

If you were wondering why the pro-Palestinian protests in the US today are starting to look a lot like the BLM riots of 2020, it's probably because they are made up of the same people with the same political agenda. Minnesota has one of the most concentrated Muslim populations in the US, but it is also a well-known Democrat stronghold. Palestinian protests across the country are predominantly manned by far-left groups like Antifa seeking to attach themselves to minority issues as an excuse to wreak havoc. The political alliance is perhaps one of the most unhinged in recent memory, given that Muslim Sharia culture runs contrary to the majority of progressive "beliefs." 

The protest tactic of blocking major traffic routes and then mobbing any vehicles that try to sneak past has been used by leftists regularly over the past few years. When people defend themselves by pushing through the mob, the protestors then claim they were "attacked" by the driver.

Protesters/rioters blocked the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge that runs over I-94 in Loring Park on Sunday afternoon. A video posted by X user "Unicorn Riot" shows the mob deliberately blocked traffic while a white sedan was moving forward at slow speeds while being attacked by rioters. 

Unicorn Riot claims the occupant in the white sedan was "an alleged counter-protester who drove into the crowd, possibly firing a gun or firecracker while driving away." 

However, Unicorn Riot used the phrase "alleged counter-protester" as X user "End Wokeness" showed a video of the occupant as an elderly white man. The video shows the man attempting to flee the chaos produced directly by the rioters illegally shutting down the roadway.  

End Wokeness said one of the rioters was "MN City Council candidate Zach Metzger," who "instructed his followers to find the old man." However, the council candidate deleted the post, but End Wokeness saved it. 

End Wokeness pointed out Zach Metzger was also in the original George Floyd riots that left blocks of Minneapolis destroyed by arson. 

With little to no intervention by local police to enforce the law and stop road obstructions, leftist protesters are given license to try the method again and again without fear of arrest. Already, mainstream media sources are referring to the event in Minneapolis as an "attack on peaceful protestors," though footage does not seem to show any violence initiated by the driver. Protestors then chased after the apparently confused elderly man and attacked his vehicle again, making him turn back and race through an intersection to escape.