Watch: Reporter Exposes White House Double Standards On "Extremists"

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 31, 2023 - 07:40 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre again refused to describe anti-Israel agitators as ‘extremists’ after Fox News reporter Peter Doocy noted that she is always talking about ‘MAGA extremists’.

“Does President Biden think the anti-Israel protestors in this country are extremists?” Doocy asked.

Jean-Pierre provided a word salad and pivoted immediately to talking about “Neo-Nazi’s in Charlottesville” in 2017.

Doocy exposed the double standard, noting “You guys talk about extremists—it is usually about MAGA extremists—so what about these protestors who are making Jewish students feel unsafe on college campuses? Are they extremists?”

Commentator Charlie Kirk noted “when asked about anti-Semitism she proceeds to reference completely unrelated Charlottesville and Trump’s so-called “Muslim Ban” that is looking better and better by the day.”

“Pure gaslighting drivel to avoid stating the obvious,” Kirk added:

Doocy wasn’t done there, further asking “Does President Biden look at these anti-Israel protests on college campuses and think, ‘It’s nice to see that the country’s youth are so involved, or does he think the next generation is doomed?”

Jean-Pierre again failed to answer the question, responding “There’s no place for hate in America, and we condemn any antisemitic threat or incident in the strongest terms.”

While she stated that she has been “very clear” about antisemitic incidents, including college ‘protesters’ chanting “death to jews,” in reality, Jean-Pierre originally stated last week that she had not seen “any credible threats” to Jews and instead touted “hate-fueled attacks” against Muslims, before doing a complete 180 the day after in response to strong criticism.

The Biden administration appears to only want to reference ‘extremists’ when it suits their narrative.

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