Watch: Trash-Talking Female Boxing Champ Gets Knocked Out By Average Male Fighter

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 03, 2024 - 01:00 AM

The root origin of the controversial inclusion of trans (male) athletes in women's sports was the argument by third-wave feminists that women and men are similarly biologically capable.  It is a trope that has infested every corner of entertainment media for years, so much so that many women have convinced themselves that it is true – Feminists really believe that males and females are physically equal.  

A cursory study of professional athletic records from almost any sport imaginable would tell them different, but woke activists have insisted on pressing the issue to the point that, in the US at least, fully developed male athletes posing as women are now crushing women's chances to excel in multiple arenas.  

The consequences are very real, specifically in high schools and colleges where female athletes rely on athletic scholarships in order to further their education.  Multiple women have now had their scholarship prospects diminished by males claiming to be trans.  On top of this, multiple women's sports records have also been broken by biological males because of trans inclusion.  

In 2023 we have had a number of mixed-sex sporting environments to appease the woke mob and the message should be painfully obvious by now - Women are not on par with men.  


Unfortunately, it seems a female boxing champ and notorious trash talker by the name of Claressa Shields didn't get the memo. 

Shields has an exemplary record in women's boxing, but this does not translate to winning against even average fighters in the male arena.

After calling out top male boxers and challenging them publicly, a video from 2018 was leaked by a little-known Latvian boxer out of Florida named Arturs Ahmetovs who knocked the female champ out clean in a sparring match.

According to Ahmetovs' trainer, Derik Santos, the fighter had intended to keep the footage private out of respect and boxing etiquette, but became frustrated with Claressa Shields' incessant and delusional boasting.  Santos described the situation as confusing, claiming that Shields trash talked throughout the sparring session even though she and her coach had asked the fighter to do them a favor by helping her train for a pro bout. 

Ahmetov had allegedly been asked to go easy on Shields in previous rounds and avoid hurting her.  But after her disrespectful display the fighter (with a minimal record) flattened her across the mat.        

Shields has since accused Santos of “removing padding” from Ahmetovs' gloves, though Santos vehemently denies this. He noted that it was “just a sparring session.”  This kind of behavior has become a plague in women's sports in the last few years (as we have seen in the WNBA and women's soccer), and has only been tempered recently by the realization that transgender athletes are slowly but surely muscling out female competitors.  

The idea that men and women are deeply and fundamentally different on a biological level has never in the history of humanity been a contentious issue, until now.  In a move which seems like self destruction, third-wave feminists have set the stage for women to be put in harms way, in the field, on the court and in the ring all in the name of maintaining the lie of equality.